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Workplace discrimination manifests in different forms based on the differences in race, gender, age, mental conditions among others. Many workplaces today are characterized by increasing complexities composed…
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TD 1 MGT- 412 Discrimination
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Discrimination in workplaces Introduction Discrimination is a common evil in many workplaces around the globe. Workplace discrimination manifests in different forms based on the differences in race, gender, age, mental conditions among others. Many workplaces today are characterized by increasing complexities composed of people from different walks of life. This out and immigration characteristics is enabled by a fast connectivity, both virtual as and physical connectivity, enabled by technological advancements.
Lilia, (2008) describes the common face of discrimiantion prominet in many workplaces around the globe. In their article, ‘Unseen Injustice: Incivility as a Modern Discrimination in Organizations’ had described discrimination as an evil that has tagged the society in every aspect. Lilia draws a picture to help readers understand the whole process of discrimination and the many phases in which it occurs. The aspect of discrimination is portrayed in this context to be caused by poor development in the social perceptions of the modern world. In this regard, Baron & Banaji, (2006) illustrates workplace discrimination by equating it to incomplete development on the immediate environment as well as the larger society. Lilia (2008) observations are in line with the policy guidelines put forward by EEOC in various aspects. However, differences also exist in the factors addressed in the two articles.
Even though the two articles, Lilia’s and EEOC, are in agreement that discrimination is an unnecessary evil that should not manifest in the current society and especially at the workplaces where the civilized groups are represented, Lilia’s addresses discrimination in general with no specific mention of its various forms of occurrence. On the other hand the EEOC guidelines give specific guidelines on the necessary conduct of every individual at the workplace with an aim of curtailing different forms of discrimination. Unlike Lilia’s address, the EEOC guidelines puts in place policy regulations that are to be followed in workplaces in order to curtail discrimination in its various forms (Baron & Banaji, 2006). Such include: discrimination based on differences in nationality, race, gender, religion, political affiliations among others. Suitable and all encompassing measures have been put in place by the EEOC to help protect various individuals from discrimination.
Discrimination within organizations is a phenomenon occurrence that has deteriorated the performance and free will rendering of services in various organizations. Several publications have addressed the aspect of discrimination in its various forms. Lilia (2008) for instance has addressed discrimination in its various forms stating its retrogressive effects on societal development. These factors are in line with the specifications made in the EEOC guidelines that give directives on the necessary codes of conduct desired for an organization that is free from discrimination.
Baron, S. B., & Banaji, M. R. (2006). The development of implicit attitudes: Evidence of race evaluations from ages 6 and 10 and adulthood. Psychological Science , 17, 53–58.
Lilia, M. C. (2008). Unseen Injustice: Incivility As Modern Discrimination In Organizations. Academy of Management Review , 33 (1), 55–75. Read More
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TD 1 MGT- 412 Discrimination Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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