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The Holy land of Jerusalem was initially part of Ottoman Empire where Jews were living in abject poverty. The early uprising for Jews mainly came…
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One page summary ( to be free nation)
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The article, ‘To Be a Free Nation’ by Penslar gives insight into the long struggle for the independent of Jews or Zionists. The Holy land of Jerusalem was initially part of Ottoman Empire where Jews were living in abject poverty. The early uprising for Jews mainly came from Zionists belonging from Germany, Russia and other European and American states. It was more focused on improving the living conditions of Jews in Palestine and provide them with education and work opportunities. The international solidarity, especially the American Jews, who were more affluent, funded the movement of Jews development by financing educational institutes and buying lands in Palestine where Jews workers could be gainfully employed. Hess’ vision of independent Jewish nation was perhaps the key aspect that encouraged Zionists to strive for independent state where Jews could be their own master and live in peace.
Herzl, in 1880s, was a dynamic Jewish leader, who had organized the first Jewish movement by forming World Zionist Organization which significantly contributed to the inception of the socio political ideology of a free Jewish nation. The emergence of various Jewish leaders like Syrkin, Ahmad Ha-Am and others influenced migration of Jews to Jerusalem and exhorted the Jews to work in collectives for improved farming. At the same time, they also prepared militarily for any confrontation with Arabs. The WWI was important because while it destroyed the flourishing Jewish communities in Palestine, the intervention of Britain in the land augmented the development of community through increased education facilities, work opportunities, including buying of land. WWII was significant in its holocaust of Jews by Hitler which precipitated the need for independent Jewish State. After the war, with the intervention of United Nations and support of America, independent state of Jews, Israel, was formed by partitioning Palestine.
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Penslar, Derek, J. ‘To Be a Free Nation.’ Illustrated History of the Jewish People. Ed. Nicholas de Lange, NY: Harcourt, Brace & Company, 1997. 303-353 Read More
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(One Page Summary ( to Be Free Nation) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words)
One Page Summary ( to Be Free Nation) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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