Problems Publlic Schools Face Across the Nation - Annotated Bibliography Example

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In the documentary, “Hard times at Frederick Douglass High school,” it is emotional, disturbing, and depressing to watch as video unfolds the challenges that public schools in…
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Problems Publlic Schools Face Across the Nation
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Problems public schools face across the nation Long, Doctor. Hard Times At Douglass High. New York: Kindle Books, 2008. Print.
Frederick Douglass High school is among the oldest black schools in the United States of America. In the documentary, “Hard times at Frederick Douglass High school,” it is emotional, disturbing, and depressing to watch as video unfolds the challenges that public schools in America are facing.
Griffith, Kenneth. Douglass High School: Maryland Historical Society. Web. Retrieved 26 October 2011.
. Attending class sessions depends on the mood of the student. They decide whether to attend classes or stay at home since nobody even the parent’s cares about education of their students. There is lack of student motivation in that frustration and apathy take control in these schools.
Scovronick, Nathan. The American Dream and The Public Schools. London: Oxford University Press, 2004.Print.
In the administration block, teachers are sitting in their desks waiting for students to turn up for classes but at the end of the day, no one shows up. This behavior should be blamed on most parents who do not orient their children on the importance of education. It is obvious that students would not act any differently when their parents are not motivating them to study. The teachers, parents, and administrators have totally lost control over their children. Apart from this, politicians and state legislators thwart teachers over their judgment and allocation of grades come graduation day.
Baer, Justin & Drury, Darrel. The American Public School Teacher: Past, Present, and Future. Massachusetts: Harvard Education Press, June 2011. Print.
Teachers face many problems in schools in that they lack good training and teaching materials for their large classes. This poses a great challenge to the teachers because they cannot give assignments to students since some of them lack textbooks.
Hood, John. The failure of American Public Education. New York: Foundation for Economic Education, 2011. Print.
Students, they have already given up studying because education among peers does not matter and of less value. Self-esteem and motivation is low and fragile that even students achievement of reading, learning or doing a simple algebra assignment is viewed as personal attack.
Reese, William. America’s Public Schools: From the Common School to “No Child Left Behind.” Virginia: John Hopkins University Press, 2000. Print.
The government enacted ‘No Child Left Behind Act’ to address the issues that public schools were facing, but unfortunately, instead of correcting the system, it has infringed it more. Under this policy, a lot of emphasis is laid on punitive actions and test scores. What destroys education system is that this law provides that students are forced to learn for NCLB tests versus offering education they need. NCLB policy is too stringent and it has failed to offer necessary financial incentives to enact the law. The problem with this educational reform is that it does not include all educational stakeholders in its programs when allocating funds.
Shortt, Bruce. The Harsh Truth About Public Schools. Chicago: Ross House Books, 2004. Print.
Everyone is a victim of a failed government policy including the government, teachers, society, parents, colleges, administrators, and society. It seems hopeless and irrelevant as no well-defined and direct policy could ever aim to address these problems.
Mondale, Sarah. School: The Story of American Public Education. New York: Beacon Press, 2002. Print.
Learner exceptionalities are not held accountable whereby the gifted students share classes with those who have learning disabilities. This means that children’s’ learning disabilities are not catered for which hinder quality education. The public schools lack accountability to the uneducated students it throws to the society. Most schools have the tendency of ignoring parents and have no time listening to what they say. In addition, schools with indiscipline teachers do not take necessary actions as they maintain their job and public schools continue to exist.
Vollmer, Jamie. Schools Cannot Do it Alone. San Francisco: Enlightenment Press, 2010. Print.
For the success of American public schools, it is the duty of the parents, students, and administrators to restructure the educational system of America and rescue it from falling. Teachers should encourage their students to learn even if they fail. They can offer makeup exams to them to help them cope with low grades. Teachers should be provided with upgraded version of textbooks and ensure that these books are enough for all students. While parents should not let their children stay at home but advise them to go to school by providing all basic needs and emotional support.
Neufield, Sara. A Realistic Portrait of Douglass High school. Baltimore Sun. Web. Retrieved 26 October 2011.
The administrators should ensure that practical policies have been put in place that caters for all students in America. Educational funds should be held accountable. In addition, indiscipline teachers should be withdrawn from educational system. Parents and teachers association would help in addressing these issues. They will be in a position to discuss the problems facing children and come up with amicable solution. Read More
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