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Managerial Controls - Essay Example

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It is found that the North Texas Cotton Cooperative (NTCC) was highly leveraged and was not performing well for the past years, but Roger Barr was only relying on his personal opinion in granting the loan request of the former. One major consideration therefore in this case is…
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Managerial Controls
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Download file to see previous pages He should be relying more closely on empirical evidence instead on his personal opinion on the issue.
2) Does Rabobank Nederland have good control over the accounts managers its New York branch? Would you suggest any changes be made: (1) in the near future? (2) Over the next 5 years, assuming that the branch continues to grow?
In the near future, Rabobank should always ensure to book good deals as it was part of its original components of the undertakings from the moment it started the whole wide operation. However, considering how Barr potentially considered credit risk management and would decide situation based on his personal opinion and not on empirical evidence, there should be potential changes to be made at Rabobank in the near future. Rabobank should further increase its control over the accounts managers situated in New York branch. However, assuming that the New York branch continues to grow in the next 5 years, Rabobank should ensure more enhancements rather than changes to be made and learn further on the skills attributed by the accounts managers for they must have been potentially good at what they are doing.
As far as take over is concerned, a need to consider a control system is necessary, whether existing or new. However, in the case of AirTex and the take over of Frank and Ted, a new control system is necessary because the latter seemed to have great expectations not just on the entire company but to be specific this included the management and control system. Furthermore, there were other relevant and necessary factors that need to be included like culture. In the takeover, part of the concern of the new administration on management and control should include culture or the working environment. This part should not be overlooked as the new administration’s expectations should be aligned with the prevailing working ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Managerial Controls Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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