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What does a parent face to raise their children - Essay Example

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It is both a privilege and a challenge. The process of raising a child becomes faced with many obstacles as well as opportunities. With the world becoming more violent and hostile than before, it has…
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What does a parent face to raise their children
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Extract of sample "What does a parent face to raise their children"

What does a parent face to raise their children Parenting is an enormous responsibility bestowed to parents by God Himself. It is both a privilege and a challenge. The process of raising a child becomes faced with many obstacles as well as opportunities. With the world becoming more violent and hostile than before, it has become a formidable challenge for parents (Thomas 14). Parents require time and money as well as energy to raise up their children. In today’s world, children become highly exposed to influential habits such as drinking and the use of drugs.
The most challenging task is how parents manage to instill discipline to their children without the violation of the child’s rights. It is surprising that as children grow, they adapt certain set of values some which are totally different from what they learned from their parents. Some of the challenges faced by parents as they raise up their children include dealing with drinking, premature sexual habits as well as drugs (Thomas 24). Recent studies have shown that, in recent years, children get into drug use as early as at eleven years. Parents, therefore, get faced with the challenge of putting measures in place to protect their children from such deadly traps. In fact, they have the responsibility to lead by example.
With the rising trends of premarital sex and drinking, parents get faced with the challenge of constantly been in touch with their children class teachers so know their children progress. Drinking, as seen by teenagers, is just but as a symbol of fun and most of them see the vice as a way of spending their generous time (Thomas 29). Parents, therefore, face the challenge of instilling soberness in their way of thinking. Sex is yet another challenge that faces parents dealing with children in their teenage. With porn sites in the internet, television programmes, children eagerly grow up to learn more about sex and, therefore, the value of virginity gets lost among them. It is certainly an energy draining task for parents to install proper morals to such children. Moreover, with increased cases of sexual predators, parents become faced with the challenge of offering protection to their young children and ensuring their safety.
However, despite the many challenges, parents also have their reward as they raise children. Children can teach parents many things that they could never have learned if they never had them. Parents with children, who have some disorders such as temper tantrums, experience a lot of satisfaction when they help their child overcome the problem without the parents losing their minds. Nevertheless, as a parent one develops the habit of not giving up as he or she has kids who depend on him or her (Thomas 36). At times, children can try your patience and almost make the parent snap, however, as a result, the parent develops self control and patience. For most parents, however, raising their children into enthusiastic people in the society is the most rewarding thing. Furthermore, helping a baby grow from a state of helplessness to a self sustaining individual is not only satisfying but fulfilling.
In conclusion, raising children is both rewarding and challenging to the parent. However, a loving parent applies strategies that overcome the challenges while reaping the rewards of virtuous parenting.
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Thomas, Gary. Sacred Parenting. New York: Zondervan, 2009. Read More
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