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Peer Review PowerPoint Presentation Against Death Penalty - Essay Example

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The introduction into the subject is broad enough providing the necessary information needed to understand and handle the issue of concern of the subject matter. The major weakness of the introduction is that it introduces the subject so broadly that it fails to come out…
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Peer Review PowerPoint Presentation Against Death Penalty
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Extract of sample "Peer Review PowerPoint Presentation Against Death Penalty"

Insert Insert Weaknesses in the introduction The introduction into the is broad enough providing the necessary information needed to understand and handle the issue of concern of the subject matter. The major weakness of the introduction is that it introduces the subject so broadly that it fails to come out categorically on the issue of concern learnt. Instead of the writer stating the facts on the ground and the actual issues that have been documented and implemented within the state regulations, he reports them as beliefs of a certain cliché of personalities that do not meet all the legislative and statutory regulations of the land.
The paper ought to have introduced the matter as a regulation within the laws of the land that is not conforming to certain standards of the natural laws and that is not achieving any realistic targets as are expected.
Weaknesses in the body
The body of the document does not present the information in a properly organized and sequential manner. The writer has failed to give the information with in depth explanations and examples covering all the expected and related cases. The body ought to have involved clear illustrations of the practical related issues in the area of concern ensuring that the illustrations of back up the improper effecting of the legislation and how it has directly affected the parties that have suffered from consequences of the implementation of this legislation.
The body reports that the execution of the stipulated regulations of the process fails to achieve goals of handling the situation, however it does not provide the best practicable alternative that can solve the issue amicably. The writer just within the body provides his complaints but does not specifically raise the factual issues in relation to the execution of the regulation.
Weaknesses in the conclusion
The conclusion is very categorical and on point with direct inference on the opinion of the writer minus making a consideration of the opinions of other likeminded individuals and players in the subject area. The conclusion has failed to provide a concrete explanation and illustration in relation to the issues discussed and is very brief.
Weaknesses in grammar, organisation and citations
The grammar has no proper polishing in relation to the clear presentation of the topic of discussion in the subject matter. However, the language used is not very professional and legislative as expected in relation to the subject of concern. I expected that the language of use in this paper would majorly be in relation to legislations and the acts of the government stated and clearly explained with the reasons of non-achievement of the issues.
The citations lack almost at all the levels and the writer has just presented a continuous flow of the literature. Though there are certain instances of the provision of the intect citations and the mentioning and quoting of the sources of the information but it does not come out clearly as is necessary.
The document delivers the message the intention; however, it has failed to meet all the requirements of such a document in the finer and clear set up. Therefore, it is necessary for revision to improve on the grammar used and provide more examples and inferences. Read More
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