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State and Country Physical Geography and short essat - PowerPoint Presentation Example

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The mean annual temperature for Alaska ranges between 40 0F from the maritime influence and 10 0F down the slopes of the northern arctic in the Brook Range. The highest seasonal contrast is experienced from the Central and Eastern parts in the interior of the continent. The…
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State and Country Physical Geography powerpoint and short essat
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Download file to see previous pages For Maritime zone, the range of temperature ranges from about 60 0F during summer and 20 0F at winter seasons. In the transition region, the temperature ranges from a low of 60 0F to a low of up to 0 0F. On the other hand, the temperatures for the maritime continental region range a low of 60 0F to -10 0F. Finally, the slopes of the arctic region range between over 40 0F to up to -20 0F.
The precipitation of the maritime region gives rise to more than 200 inches of precipitation with the major form of precipitation being the snow fall. The regions receiving this amount of precipitation includes; southern panhandle and northern part of the Alaskan Gulf. However, on the Alaskan Range at the Peninsula and the island of the Aleutian which are both at the south of Alaska, the amount of precipitation reduces to about 60 inches. While you move at the north, the amount of precipitation reduces greatly up to about 12 inches at the continental region (Swaney 33). The amount of precipitation reduces even further to up to less than 6 inches towards and in the arctic region.
Over the last seven days (from 4th to 10th April), Alaska capita Juneau has recorded the highest temperature of 52 0F and a low of 29 0F (Wallendorf 201). However, the capital has not experienced any form of precipitation in the last seven days.
Due to very low precipitation amounts, the Alaskan tundra may seem to appear desolate and barren with very few plant species. However, there are a few plant species that include; Tufted Saxifrage, Caribou Moss, Bearberry, and the arctic Willow.
Alaska experiences strong winds especially in areas having an extremely cold temperature. These strong winds pose threats to people when they get exposed even for a short time. There is also a strong storm that is seasonal. The storm emanates from the Bering Sea and moves north or sometimes northeastward. Other environmental threats include; the continuous ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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