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Healthcare Management/Managed Care - Essay Example

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Majority of people doubt the significance managed care organizations give to quality care and services. Primarily, the introduction of managed care was taken as a cost cutting initiative. It has struggled hard to make the…
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Healthcare Management/Managed Care
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Download file to see previous pages This shift has damaged the purpose of managed care, now the goal has shifted from providing quality care services to managing costs. For-profit organizations are legally responsible to answer their stockholders first as compare to consumers and payers. This situation has disturbed the goal of providing quality managed care.
The shift in the managed care has greatly affected the medical marketplace in an adverse manner. It has made a stronger influence in changing the shape of medical marketplace. The increase in health insurance premiums and profitable health plans are the products of changed managed care plans in recent years. Due to this shift in managed care, physicians are negatively affected by the antitrust laws that support health insurers. Physicians also found it hard to agree with managed care organizations on the quality of services, these organizations are providing. The American Medical Association has outlined different managed care reforms to safeguard the purpose of managed care and to maintain a balance and justice to the system. AMA efforts are also focused towards federal antitrust relief that is aimed to provide authority to the physicians to practice quality patient care ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Healthcare Management/Managed Care Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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