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Drinking age - Essay Example

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Among the people belonging to the adolescent category, the connection between addicted alcohol consumption and other trending addictions – sex and drugs, bearing unfavorable social and chemical consequences, respectively, has well been recognized. Based on the recent studies,…
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Drinking age
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Extract of sample "Drinking age"

Download file to see previous pages Using the research conducted in 2005 by White and Hayman via ‘Australian Secondary School Students and Drug Use Survey’, reports show that approximately 40% out of samples from the 16-17 year-old drinking Australian population confessed that parents bear chief influence in alcoholic consumption. Additionally, such findings had no substantial variance from among those who obtained influence from friends through the peer pressure of drinking on a weekly basis. Still the question remains what age must one be legally allowed to drink and to what extent should it be tolerated relative to other forms of addiction.
White and Hayman (2006) examined whether parental control of drinking may be attributed to the occurrence of risky drinking for short-term harm (RSOD) and alcohol-related difficult behaviors such as physical and verbal assault from a sample of underage drinkers. Research indicates that 86% of adolescents 16-17 years of age are existing alcohol consumers whereas some 20% appear to be weekly RSOD and more than 34% get involved in at least one case of alcohol-linked problem with conduct. Moreover, it is found that mere banning of alcohol drinking for the sake of youth 18 is not practically sufficient. Fresh plans for appropriate mediation and avoidance are apparently essential according to the study of parental supplication that was figured to impact lesser rates of RSOD and alcohol-related social behavior. This rather implies the likelihood that by changing the normal supply of alcohol from the source other than the parents to the parents alone, the shift may bring about good restriction to the amount of consumption and injury among the adolescents. However, as much as parental guidance toward alcohol supply control is considered one positive approach, it is quite unexplored and must therefore undergo thorough investigation as promising alternative (Dietze, Livingston, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Abstract Legal Drinking Age

...There is a growing body of research on the issue of minimum legal drinking age (MLDA) and compelling arguments are tried to be put forward by both proponents and opponents of lowering MLDA. Though the legal drinking age varies from country to country but it is stressed by MLDA in the USA that as many as possible under 21 people should be restricted to purchase alcohol openly as 18 year olds do not happen to be mature enough to make proper decisions amidst situations when things may get wayward due to alcoholic influence. The age 21 law is the reason why fewer car accidents due to alcoholic influence occur in America as compared to the European world....
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The drinking age

...?Outline Thesis: The drinking age should not be lowered as younger people are both physically and mentally unfit to handle the responsibilities of drinking. Introduction: Underage drinking-related accident statistics (Bell); Younger people react differently to the effects of alcohol and do not know how much they can handle until it is too late Body: The drinking age has previously been lowered, only to yield negative and devastating results (Chapman); There is a correlation between a higher drinking age and fewer alcohol-related accidents; In favor of lowering the age: If the...
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Drinking age

...? Information] Drinking Age (Should be Increased or Decreased) Around the same time each year, there are millions of American kids out there that graduate from high school. After graduation the real celebrations start by getting drunk and massive parties, it even ends up with police involvement and arresting of students. These legal issues take a lot of time to resolve sometimes months and years as well. Every year this debate arises whether the legal drinking age should be abolished or lowered. As per the National Minimum Drinking Age Act of 1984, United States of America has the highest legal drinking...
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Minimum Legal Drinking Age

...Minimum Legal Drinking Age The Uniform Drinking Age Act of 1984 mandates that the minimum legal drinking age (MLDA) is to be 21 across all States in America. States which do not conform to the act risk losing federal transportation funds. A large number of studies deal with the MLDA as an alcohol control policy, and it is the subject of several essays. Most of the studies focus on motor vehicle crashes, which is the leading cause of death in teenagers. The MLDA has proponents and opponents, who hold fast to their respective positions in this debate (American Medical Association, n.d.). Morris E. Chafetz, in “The 21-Year-Old...
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...?Insert Introduction Countries that have a developed criminal justice system also have more comprehensive legislation to legally qualify and make prescriptions on an array of socio-cultural, economic or political actions and developments which take place within the auspices of the society. Drinking or the consumption of alcohol is one of the legal issues, because it comes with legal implications. Because of this, the legal drinking age is the age at which an individual can purchase or/ and consume alcoholic food or/ and alcoholic beverage. The law on alcohol consumption may vary among countries or there may be exemptions and special circumstances in these laws. In the...
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...Lowering the drinking age One of the most contentious topics of the day has been regarding the lowering of the drinking age and there have been strong arguments in favor of and against the attempt to lower the legal drinking age to eighteen. The idea of lowering the drinking age has been strongly opposed by the federal safety officials while a quiet movement to lower the legal drinking age to eighteen has been taking root for some years now. The advocates of such a move argue that people who are allowed to vote and fight for the country at the age of...
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The Drinking Age

...The Drinking Age The perpetual argument that goes on about what is the most suitable age to permit drinking has very acute arguments from both sides of the debaters. Some people argue that the legal age observed in most countries, which is 21 years old, is a little extreme and that the age should be lowered down to somewhere around the 18-19 year old mark. The people who hold this view believe that if young adults begin at an earlier age with proper supervision and in a controlled environment then they can be more aware as to the effects of alcohol on their systems and would know their own limits instead of going wild...
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Drinking age

...Summary Response The issue of underage drinking has been on the public limelight for a long time. According to Hanson et al, a drinking permit shouldreplace the minimum legal drinking age as a solution to the problem. According to Hanson et al, prohibition is not the ultimate solution since it only leads retaliation. The under-age will do anything to make sure they have their drink without being caught by the law. When the law finally allows then to drink, they do it irresponsibly since there was no introductory mentorship. Instead of promoting rebellion, responsible drinking should be encouraged through...
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...Lowering the drinking age Alcoholism is turning to a rampant issue upon the societies with the untamed indulgence into the habit increasing gradually among the youth. The practice raises heated debates upon stakeholders who perceive it differently. Those who oppose drinking argue out that it causes adverse effects on the health of individuals, and premature addiction to drinking would result to ill-fated future lives on individuals and their families. However, other stakeholders support law amendments to accommodate drinking at the age of eighteen since the youth are mature and would make sound decisions concerning the practice of drinking (Wechsler and Nelson, 2010). This essay establishes varied approaches that depict the merits... and...
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The Legal Drinking Age

... The Legal Drinking Age Introduction The legal age of drinking is something that should be set considering the maturity level of individuals in society. Most countries in the world believe that individuals reach their maturity level by the age of 18 years and so does the United States of America. However, the difference is that the rest of the countries excluding the USA, Indonesia, Mongolia and Palau have legalized drinking when an individual turns 18 and has gained the maturity level to indulge or avoid it. The USA on the other hand does not allow its citizens to drink before they turn 18. The country does allow its citizen to do everything else like voting or marrying but they are forbidden to take alcohol until they turn 21... . The...
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