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Criminology- To what extent are prison suicides in the UK a consequence of prisons being used to accommodate too many people with mental health problems - Essay Example

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However, prison suicide might not always be the consequence of too many mental health patients crowded together in the prisons. While criminals…
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Criminology- To what extent are prison suicides in the UK a consequence of prisons being used to accommodate too many people with mental health problems
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Extract of sample "Criminology- To what extent are prison suicides in the UK a consequence of prisons being used to accommodate too many people with mental health problems"

Download file to see previous pages Insufficient mental health treatment is provided by those in charge in the prisons. Extremely harsh, terrifying, and bleak facts are also revealed by a research study lately about the ten most horrific prisons of all times in the world according to which prisoners irrespective of their histories are kept unacceptably jam-packed like animals. The UK prisons are also teeming with psychopath prisoners to some extent who have severe mental health issues like major depression, anxiety, paranoia, and suicide idealization. Overcrowding is blamed for 37% rise in prison suicide among inmates living together in prison systems which have no good management (Woodward 2008).
Concerning the alarming situation that as many as 9 out of 10 prisoners in UK are subjected to deal with the rough consequences of depression, paranoia, drug or alcohol abuse, anxiety, and personality disorders, the claim that the rough prison atmosphere in UK might be the reason behind growing number of suicides reported by prison officials starts appearing to be valid and acceptable. “More than two-thirds of all men, women and children in prison have two or more mental health problems such as depression and anxiety” (PRISON REFORM TRUST 2010). The incidence of mental or personality disorders is really not that common among the normal population and this frequency of ill mental health gives rise to prison suicides which are becoming more frequent in UK now than ever before. There definitely exists a connection between overcrowding in jails and suicide attempts by prisoners. Jails in UK are under pressure from overcrowding and more often than not, they cave in to this pressure with the result that the statistical data revealed by prison officials identifies that “the number of prisoners who killed themselves in jail rose significantly in 2007” (BBC ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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