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Argument Design Papers, question is: Which factor/s should decide the status of Chinas minorities or Taiwan - Essay Example

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The Chinese media reported the grisly murder of about 200 people and injury of another 2000 in ethnic violence in Ürümqi, the main city of Xinjiang, in the northwest region of China in 5th July 20091. This was a timely reminder of the spate of ethnic disharmony in China…
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Argument Design Papers, question is: Which factor/s should decide the status of Chinas minorities or Taiwan
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Extract of sample "Argument Design Papers, question is: Which factor/s should decide the status of Chinas minorities or Taiwan"

Download file to see previous pages The Beijing Olympics of 2008 experienced resistance from the Tibetans resulting in ethnic violence between Han Chinese against Tibetans, which attracted international condemnation due to Beijing’s handling of the crisis. The message sent to China was that the country should appreciate the religious rights and liberties of minorities.
This paper will argue that the fate of China’s minorities should be decided by respect for human rights, religious and cultural freedom along with their right to autonomy2. This should be the criteria on handling minority issues on the vast Asian country. The factors that will demonstrate the papers arguments will be based on China’s refusal to grant full sovereign autonomy to Tibet as a clear sign of the country’s intolerance. It depicts lack of respect for ethnic minority rights and religious freedoms. Incidentally, Tibet has every reason to seek separation or autonomy from China considering that China does not respect its ethnic uniqueness and heritage; making the region to be subjected to unnecessary pressure from Beijing. The Tibetan religious leader, the Dalai Lama, faces severe restrictions and sanctions from Beijing denying the Tibetans the right and freedom to practice their traditional cultural and religious traditions.
Wei and Gang paper; China’s ethnic policy in Xinjiang shows that the violence experienced in Xinjiang stems from biased ethnic policies by Beijing in this region3. Compared to the Han, Ethnic minorities in Xinjiang enjoy various preferential policies in education, family planning, and legal issues designed to fully integrate them into China’s mainstream nationalistic society. The paper shows that despite these efforts there exist severe economic differences and religious intolerance among the Xinjiang society with ethnic minority’s religious and cultural identities threatened. The unequal ethnic policies, religious oppression, and economic outcomes are the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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