Solving problems on operation management - Case Study Example

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For us to create compelling, valuable and empowering experiences and information for others (in this case customers), it is of paramount importance that managers possess skills that enable them do so. These skills that must possessed or learnt are ways of organizing data,…
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Solving case study problems on operation management
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Topic: INTERACTION DESIGN For us to create compelling, valuable and empowering experiences and information for others (in this case customers), it is of paramount importance that managers possess skills that enable them do so. These skills that must possessed or learnt are ways of organizing data, presenting the data and also developing new skills in this field. Based on the case study of Chatsworth, it was important for the manger to have these skills in order to make the most correct and worthy decision. In this case, interactive design means coming up with a new design or an improved one in order to achieve the company’s goal. To do this, Chatsworth Company applied some theories of interaction design (Dawes 2007).
A theory that was used in this case study is the information foraging theory. This theory is based on assessment of cost and benefits with an aim of achieving the set goals. According to this theory, whatever is being sought during information search has to be clearly defined. Simon and his team visited various similar companies to see how they run their adventure playground. During browsing, which is basically information foraging, there is interaction with the source and the end goal is to see how the information acquired can help the current state of the company. Chatsworth even sought assistance from the managers of different companies with regard to the situation of the company. Information gathered from different sources was analyzed and used to evaluate which of the four options was the best to go with (Pirolli et al, 1999).
Another theory evident in this case study is the activity theory. The theory suggests that minds are the product of how much people interact with others people and the experiences they gain in their everyday lives. This theory will help understand how the process of decision making can be done correctly. Chatsworth took the first initiate in identifying that there was really a problem. The adventure playground was consuming a lot of money compared to the profit; therefore, definitely something had to be done. The promotion and education manager had been involved in other decision making scenarios, but this one was different. As the theory suggests, it is through interaction with different people in our surrounding that we learn (Cooper 2007).
Simon and his team first came up with four options: to remove the adventure playground, do nothing about it, substitute it with a similar one or replace it with a better one. After weighing these possibilities, the best one remained to replace it with an improved one. The interaction design is heavily dependent on the needs of the people, therefore, this design is aimed at getting what is best for customers and making sure that the company does not incur losses.
Cooper, A. (2007). The Essentials of Interaction Design. Indianapolis, 610 (6) pp. 28-46.
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Pirolli, P. & Card, S. K. (1999). Information foraging. Psychological Review, 106(4) p. 643-675. Read More
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