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Business mangament - Essay Example

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Organizational performance depends on the coordination of a number of activities, all of which are tailored the realization of organizational goals and objectives. These goals and objectives are developed based on the interests of the organization. All stakeholders that…
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Business mangament
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Topic: Operations Management Affiliation: Organizational performance depends on the coordination of a number of activities, all of which are tailored the realization of organizational goals and objectives. These goals and objectives are developed based on the interests of the organization. All stakeholders that influence the functionality and performance of an organization are integrated to different levels of the activities undertaken by the organization. Operations management is one of the many activities that firms run in their business activities. Operations management is primarily concerned with designing and managing products and services, processes and supply chains in a firm (Kumar, 2006, p.110). The underlying objective is to meet client demand with the desired tastes and preferences.
Resource utilization is a critical aspect to monitor in operations management. The operations management purvey herein can take a number of forms, with the most commonly employed being strategic, tactical and/or operational. Activities that characterize each of the three depend on the operational decisions reached at an individual organization level. This is done by evaluating and assessment the market, customer base and the industry trends. The aim is to strike a long lasting relationship between stakeholders, so that the operational aspects of the firm are effective and efficient prior to the firm’s product and/or service line.
The focus of operations management is primarily rooted in fundamental players in the business environment. These players highly influence the functionality and success of firms’ business aspects. Operations management focuses on the customers, suppliers, shareholders, employees and the society (Kumar, 2006, p.153). Customers are the main driving factor in the market. This is because they create market demand, prompting supply of products and services. In the case of shareholders, organizational welfare consequently influences shareholder wealth. The employee aspect of operations management accounts for working conditions at the workplace. Through corporate social responsibility, operations management integrates the society into the firm’s operations. This is done to ensure that business activities by a firm do not affect the society negatively.
Based on the interests and the focus of operations management, five specific objectives are pursed. These are: quality, speed, dependability, flexibility and cost (Khanna, 2007, p.382). Quality addresses product and/or service specifications conformity. In other words, the quality of products and/or services offered to the customers should meet specifications associated with good quality. Poor quality products are cheap, but few customers are willing to buy them. In pricing products, quality and price should be matched, so that customers value the products relative to the price charged. Operations management also seeks to increase the speed of firm response. This is in regard to demand and supply aspects. That is to say that the demand in the market should be quickly and effectively met.
Dependability relates to the firm-customer relationship and interaction. Dependability takes both internal and external aspects. Externally, dependability is defined by the level to which firms are considered reliable by the customers. That is to say, firms are expected to act on customers deliveries in due time. Operations management accounts for this aspect in a bid to create customer trust. Internal dependability is determined by the strategies employed by the firms to ensure a smooth flow of products and services between the time they are demanded and when they are delivered. In terms of flexibility, operations management is perceived to be a diverse and dynamic process. It is subject to change, influenced by market trends and strategies employed to account for the trends. Finally, the cost objective of operations management is to create maximum benefit at the lowest cost possible. The benefit herein refers to the welfare of all stakeholders in the operations activities of an organization.
Khanna, A, (2007), Production and Operations Management, London: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd.
Kumar, S, (2006), Production and Operations Management, London: New Age International. Read More
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Business Mangament Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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