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Human Resource Information Systems - Essay Example

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This business deals with selling ready-made food to clients in the various locations. The company has a human resource that ranges from three hundred to three hundred and fifty…
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Human Resource Information Systems
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Extract of sample "Human Resource Information Systems"

Download file to see previous pages He travels frequently to various locations of the Castle’s Family Restaurant to carry out human resource functions.
It is clear that Castle’s Family Restaurant needs a human resource information system. The Castle’s Family Restaurant is a high class business, and it employs the best employees in the market. According to Jonathan (2010), human resource information systems are critical for the performance of any human resource function. Issues of hiring, scheduling, recruiting, and responding to questions from the employees can be handled by such a system. Furthermore, this business needs a human resource information system to facilitate processing of payrolls (Jonathan, 2010). Using excel to process payrolls is rather backward for an organization in the caliber of the Castle’s Family Restaurant.
Human resource specialists insist that a business should utilize a human resource information system for the best results (Wright, 2011). To cut down on costs and save on time, a human resource information system is vital (Conaty, Bill, and Ram, 2011). These systems make human resource functions run smoothly and in good time. Individuals do not need to work too hard like Mr. Jay Morgan when they acquire a human resource information system. In addition, this organization assumes that it is easier to use one person to handle two jobs. In this case, a human resource information system is the solution for the Castle’s Family Restaurant. This business is in need of an information system to help in managing human resource functions.
There are the several problems that need to be resolved at the Castle’s Family Restaurant. The business does not have a human resource manager. This is because Mr. Jay Morgan ends up doing his work as an operations manager and is still the human resource person. The operations manager, Mr. Jay Morgan, is being overworked. Lower quality software used in human resource functions like payroll processing is a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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