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This is indeed a crime that is committed by an individual who has high respect within the society and his social status speaks for…
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CJ403 wk3
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ID Lecturer Control Theory – White Collar Offender White collar offender is an individual who commitsa financially motivated, non-violent crime so that there is an illegitimate monetary incentive. This is indeed a crime that is committed by an individual who has high respect within the society and his social status speaks for its own self. This type of offender is easily witnessed within the corporate world of today where such embezzlements rule the roost more than anything else. Also, state crimes come under the aegis of the white collar realms when discussed elaborately.
My position with regards to white collar offenders is that they must not be allowed to commit such heinous acts to begin with (Kiehl, 2010). There should be no marked difference between the criminal – be it from a high position in the society or by a person who does not belong to such a clan. The control theory can only be manifested when there are all out efforts by the movers and shakers of the society to ensure that the white collar offenders are taken to task for the overall good of the people.
If the white collar offender is let off, the public suffers as a result, and this is something which is deemed as unaffordable right from the outset of such quarters. There must be complete emphasis on the fact that the white collar offender is not allowed to bring any form of disruptions within the region that he is a part of (Hunt, 1994). The white collar offender is therefore a product of his own society and hence the society must be the one to bring an end to such demarcations and quarters.
Kiehl, K. (2010). From white-collar crime to red-collar crime. Journal of Financial Crime, 17(3)
Hunt, S. (1994). Undercover Operations and White Collar Crime. Journal of Financial Crime, 2(2) Read More
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CJ403 Wk3 Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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