Discussion - MKT 571 - Week 7 - Assignment Example

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It allows businesses to send commercial documents electronically. Various forms of ecommerce include credit cards, telephone banking and automated teller machine…
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Discussion - MKT 571 - Week 7
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Companies that have successfully used Business to Business E-commerce Electronic commerce refers to electronic facilitation of commercial transactions by use of various technologies. It allows businesses to send commercial documents electronically. Various forms of ecommerce include credit cards, telephone banking and automated teller machine. Business to Business commerce is done through bargained contracts allowing the seller to anticipate and expect how much the buyer will purchase (Pauline 109). It focuses more on making connections with business partners. One of the renowned companies that have successfully embraced Business to Business commerce is General Motors.
General Motors, the worlds largest vehicle manufacturer, was founded in 1908.It designs, manufacturers and markets vehicles worldwide. In 1998, the company generated over 160 billion in revenue on global operations. The vehicles are sold in almost 180 countries and the Company has manufacturing operations 50 countries and more. The company has employees about 390,000 worldwide. One of the key reasons for this company’s success is the implementation of General Motors Trade Xchange. This is the company’s virtual Internet community, its suppliers and customers, allowing them to carry out business dealings with speed and proficiency. This was followed by the inclusion of i2 Technologies. i2 would provide supply chain organization services and business process capability to General Motors Trade Xchange. i2s solutions help trading partners cooperate more efficiently and enhance receptiveness to customers (Pauline 48). They also are expected to cut supply chain costs and expand manufacturing efficacies and reduce stocks. The services are anticipated to enable GM Trade Xchange to increase elasticity for better order-to-delivery. . Thus much of its success is attributed to use of e-commerce and also brand reorganization.
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Ratnasingam, Pauline. Inter-Organizational Trust for Business-To-Business E-Commerce. Idea Group Inc , 2003.Print Read More
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Discussion - MKT 571 - Week 7 Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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