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Buyer- open to buy 1,214,000 for retail store- demographics - Essay Example

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This is the intermediate phase between the winter and the summer seasons. The spring season is experienced in the temperate climatic regions. There are…
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Buyer- open to buy 1,214,000 for retail store- demographics
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Extract of sample "Buyer- open to buy 1,214,000 for retail store- demographics"

Download file to see previous pages In view of the various businesses available, I would like to deal with the women business suits during the spring season. This is because business suits are widely accommodated by the general population. Bloomingdale business store located in New York is my business venture. It is a business that delivers an awesome world-class experience in retailing. It showcases a brand portfolio and represents latest and desirable merchandise throughout main and stores at home alike (Donnellan 17). Ladies suits can generate more profits unlike the casual wear that is only for a youth and cannot be worn during the spring season at various occasions. The store deals in the ladies suits and separates. These include suiting, dresses, statement jackets, skirts, layering pieces and pants. The goal of any business start up or an established one is to make profits. Consequently, I would deal in designs that would bring in more profits in my operations. Taking into consideration the spring season, the ladies are to cover their bodies for warmth and still ensure that they are more trendy and decent. There is an upcoming trend in the mode of dress for all ladies to become decent and my customers would not be left aback either. There is much beauty in decency and smartness. The premises that are used in business should be cheap in the form of the rent paid so that it cuts on a number of costs. There should always be a careful inspection and analysis of all business costs that may be affected by the business location. The order to buy amount will act as the capital for the merchandise business. The order to buy amount will be used to buy grey suits, blue suits, gray pinstripe suit, skirt suits, dress shirts, and black suits. This is to be able to satisfy the need of the many customers available. The order to buy amount will be divided proportionately to avail the stock. The merchandise is made in the European tropical wool so that it fits the spring season. It is of great ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Buyer- Open to Buy 1,214,000 for Retail Store- Demographics Essay)
Buyer- Open to Buy 1,214,000 for Retail Store- Demographics Essay.
“Buyer- Open to Buy 1,214,000 for Retail Store- Demographics Essay”, n.d.
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