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M4C Proposed Project/Plan - Essay Example

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The world has witnessed the rising cost of healthcare to the consumer’s ability which has caused suspicion of exploitation and lack of goodwill from the workforce. It has been argued that healthcare providers have increased contribution costs while at the same reduced…
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M4C Proposed Project/Plan
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Extract of sample "M4C Proposed Project/Plan"

Healthcare Cost Healthcare Cost The world has witnessed the rising cost of healthcare to the consumer’s ability which has caused suspicion of exploitation and lack of goodwill from the workforce. It has been argued that healthcare providers have increased contribution costs while at the same reduced customers’ benefits in the program. This has had an enormous effect not only on large corporations but also on small companies with their employees.
Among the solutions suggested to avert workers from this challenge includes the consumer driven proposal which states that a consumer may be offered several choices under a corporate insurance plan that will educate and enlighten an individual on how to maintain costs. A consumer shall have varied options to choose from so as to have a variety and enable one to engage with the most appropriate one in relation to his/her economic power. However, this strategy does not explore the exploitation of insurance companies on workers since it may be possible to find one in a situation where the options given are still expensive to manage.
Secondly, according to Coates (2004), the solution to the continuing rise in healthcare costs cannot lie in shifting and tightening managerial screws on the system, but it should involve making an overhaul of the healthcare in a radical way. This indicates that there should be a universal healthcare system where both large and small come together and agree among them to influence the government to manage healthcare. The government has left workers in the mercies of insurance companies who have been identified to be out to make profits at the expense of providing healthcare to the people. This will help corporate managers to overcome the rapid and several increase of financial burden that enables them to shoulder on their consumers hence a feeling of exploitation from their customers (Coates, 2004).
This program shall advocate for subsidization of the cost of insurance and healthcare provision since the doctors shall be given a certain number of patients to attend to of which one should be accountable to and be responsible of. The program suggests no charges for paperwork and routine check ups so as to make healthcare affordable. To achieve this program a universal healthcare card shall be given, and which will be used as a point of contact from service delivery. On this perspective, the physician shall be paid according to the number of patients he has attended to. According to Coates (2004), the number of patients who attend heath facilities on symptoms and case that can be attended to by a nurse take up to 80% of the total turn out. This suggests that the doctor will only tend to the remaining 20% of the serious cases. Eventually, there shall be a drop in the healthcare costs. To support funding of this program, the government shall come up with a payment procedure which shall make companies to give in their contributions on a yearly basis so as to enable purchase of drugs.
In conclusion, a good plan should be developed so as to address the challenges of the rising cost of healthcare. It is ironical for people to fail to access and afford healthcare at the expense of insurance companies. Life is precious and should be protected at every possible cost.
Coates, J. (2004). Solution to Rising Healthcare Costs.Employment Relations Today, Vol. 31(2) 1-6
Pear, R. (2003, September 30). Big increase seen in people lacking health insurance. The New York Times Read More
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M4C Proposed Project/Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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