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The problems basically start with the rise of living standards in the world today. The health sector is expensive such that the facilities for better medical care are needed to put-up with the…
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M2S Evolution of the problem
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The Rising Health Care/Insurance Costs Problems arising from the rising cost of health care/insurance Many organizations face the challenge of the rising costs of health care insurance. The problems basically start with the rise of living standards in the world today. The health sector is expensive such that the facilities for better medical care are needed to put-up with the rising population. This has forced all employees in the world today to rely mostly on the health care insurance policy. It came in a good way and most people joined, however they have been forced to pay high premiums which affects some people financially. Some people do not feel the pinch depending on one’s earnings.
Most people do not understand how they can pay the insurance premiums on their own. Here, organizations come in with the desire that each and everyone are taxed to pay the insurance premiums. The decision is usually made by the board or the government in some countries. With a half done bureaucracy, the board comes up with policies that each employee must adhere. Pilzer (2005) argues that one should apply for his own individual /family health insurance policy as soon as possible .if one has a health savings account, one is allowed to withdraw money tax free to pay health insurance premiums.
Another problem is when an employer offer s a high deductable amount which affects the employees. The employers come up with a figure without consulting the employees. The health care insurance on the other hand has its advantages. Without the scheme many people could not afford treatment from good private hospitals in the world today. Presently whether poor or rich, a person can access proper medical care. This can be made better if people are allowed to call their own insurance company and get the policy. The problem in many organizations is that one is forced to an insurance company.
Pilzer, P .Z. (2005). The new health insurance solution. Kansas: Michael J Read More
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