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Study 4 - Nonprofit Fundraising Ethics - Coursework Example

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I would first ensure that the person who is the donor has been proven innocent. The person must have cleared himself or herself from the authority, but if not, I would not take the…
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Study 4 - Nonprofit Fundraising Ethics
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Non Profit Fund Raising Ethics Case 11. 1a If was the manager or the owner of the nonprofit organization, I would accept the donation. I would first ensure that the person who is the donor has been proven innocent. The person must have cleared himself or herself from the authority, but if not, I would not take the donation. This is because, even if the donor had been convicted of a white collar crime, it does not mean that the origin of the money that he or she is offering for the donation comes from those illegal activities. The management of nonprofit organization should not question the origin of the money that they are given by the donors. This can only be done under special circumstances.
Even if the organizations have to apply the code of conduct in their activities, they do not have a right to question the origin of the money. Therefore, the organization should accept the money. But if the money that he or she is giving to the organization has been established that he acquired illegally, the organization should not accept the money. It makes no difference even if the person has served the jail sentence. Though this would be a good prove that the person is free to use his money.
Case 11. 1c
The information about the prospect’s husband illness should not be communicated to the volunteer. This is a personal arrangement and the prospect may be does not want the information to be distributed publicly. The fund raiser should first confirm from the prospect whether she wants the information known to the volunteer and the donor. Even if she is being helped, her right of privacy should not be violated. The fund raiser should act according to the prospect.
The details of the prospect should not be recorded in the database of the organization. This is because this was a private discussion and if the wife of the husband needed help, she should have gone to the organization officially. These are private matters unless the owner wants to be exposed (Worth 2009).
Case 11. 1d
It is not ethical to tell the donor about the impending appointment if the owner of the organization wants to be considered alone and be given the donor. The owner of the organization should compete with other organizations for the donation from the donor. The owner should not use ‘back doors’ in order to get the donation.
The organization should use the proper ways to compete with the organizations in order to get the payment.
Case 11.1f
As the manager or the owner of the organization, I would accept the second room and name it. The owner is not obliged to tell the first donor about the arrangements that they made. This is because, it is a private issue and he has the authority to do whatever he wants with his rooms. The first donor should not question the owner of selling the room to the other donor even if the terms are not the same.
I will make the first donor to understand that the second donor had indicated clearly that he would not make to pay within 5 years. I would also make him understand that those were personal arrangements and he should not interfere with the second donor.
Worth. M. J. (2009). Nonprofit Management: Principles and practice. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. Read More
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