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SOP - Essay Example

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I completed my undergraduation in Public Administration at king Saud University in Riyadh. After graduating, I worked at Jeddah Encyclopedia as a Public Administration Assistant for a year and…
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Extract of sample "SOP"

Download file to see previous pages I worked in the Jeddah office for a little over a year in the sales department. There, my core job was to help the customers get the best health insurance for them and their families. After my stint with the Insurance Company, I joined Samba Financial Group, where I worked in the customer service department for two years. This job required me to provide satisfactory explanation to many questions posed by customers about all the products and services we offer. The experience I gained by working for these organizations made me realize that I love helping people, and created a strong inclination in me towards finding self-fulfillment in helping others. All my life I have been encountering injustice in the treatment of people with disabilities in my country, that’s precisely why I want to work in the public sector and run programs to raise awareness for people with special needs in order for me to contribute to society. Society has given me so much and it is just about time for me to give something back to the society.
After working those five years in different jobs I found myself developing and helping others gain the most value from the products and services I sold them, and I changed my mind about what had been built in it from the Saudi society that all women are not aim to work and give. In Saudi Arabia we have to wait for marriage and live under the wings of a man and cannot be independent, which made me careless when I was in college and didn’t care about my grades.
In June 2010 I shifted my base to the United States and am presently pursuing proficient level English courses at EC Boston. Since the time I have come to the US I have noticed that people with disability are independent and living as there is nothing can stop them from enjoying their life and I find this amazing, I have learned a lot from such people. They are the epitome of courage and dedication, And that is totally different from how it is in Saudi Arabia, which ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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