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This study will be guided by the following research questions: What are the differences between what Christianity views on voluntary death and what David Humes believes? Do you agree with Judge Johnson's decision in the case of Larry McAfee? What are your thoughts on the Suicide Tourist?…
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David Humes believes,case of Larry McAfee, Elizabeth Bouvias battle
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1. What are the differences between what Christianity views on voluntary death and what David Humes believes? The Christian view of voluntary death is associated with martyrdom, as reinforced by Christ’s death to save mankind from sin. The Christian view of voluntary death, is then, always acceptable if it for the sake of other people. Although, another view is that it is unacceptable since it clashes with the act of providing care and aid to people who needs it and in placing faith of God’s will to allow a person to live or die. Humes, on the other hand, believes in the utilitarian purpose of voluntary death, like retiring oneself due to incurable disease or old age. He argues that it is not an affront to God, since it is for a general good to stop the one’s irreversible suffering from going on, such as in the case of incurable diseases.
2. Do you agree with Judge Johnson's decision in the case of Larry McAfee? Judge Johnson ruled to grant McAfee his request to turn of his life support. I don’t agree to this decision since I believe the court only looked at his condition but not his living conditions. I believe it is okay to do this as long as there is enough evidence that there is nowhere to go but death.
3. Do you feel that Elizabeth Bouvia's battle was with her physical capacity or mental defeat? I think that Elizabeth Bouvia’s battle was with her mental defeat. She believed she could not go on anymore thus she wanted to die. As she said, she didn’t want to die but she didn’t want to live like the way she was living. She lost hope and that’s the reason she wanted to die.
4. What are your thoughts on the Suicide Tourist? Should people have the right to decide their fates if death is unavoidable? I believe that if there is irreversible suffering, then it is okay to decide one’s death. It would be no more than stopping your own suffering as well as the people suffering of the people around you. The suicide tourist, I believe, is the society’s way to release these people from suffering although it is important to consider their conditions first before doing it, if they really have nowhere to go but death or it is just they lost hope. Read More
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