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Directions in the Word document - Essay Example

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The true image of the United States can be seen considering the arrival of Chinese to Los Angeles, which came with, much criticism and stereotype from the whites. There was segregation of the Chinese from the rest of the settlers who did not speak English. The Chinese arrival…
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Directions in the Word document
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Chinese after the Gold Rush era The true image of the United s can be seen considering the arrival of Chinese to LosAngeles, which came with, much criticism and stereotype from the whites. There was segregation of the Chinese from the rest of the settlers who did not speak English. The Chinese arrival was because of the presence of gold fields in California and eventually, they became recruits in the railroad works. This period known as the gold rush era, the agreement with the white labor unions was that they were to return home when they got enough money. The hard work of the Chinese made them get a lot of rebellion from the white labor unions because they got a lot of publicity from the media, as well as claims that they were taking most of the money which would rather go the other races. There was the massacre of the Chinese due to a woman dispute between the Chinese and a white man in an effort to send the Chinese packing back to China (Gregory 56).
Since the gold rush era, there has been population growth in California due to many immigrants from China and its states especially Vietnam. Many Chinese is in Orange County than other counties. There has been a 35.2% rise in number of Chinese entering California. Many critics say it is an invasion, because the population of China is overwhelming thus they have to settle the population elsewhere. The Chinese provides high skills in technological industry especially engineers and programmers. According to the media, California has taken a turn from an entry port to a final destination for Vietnamese who take refuge in America. The spillover of Chinese has been due to the Chinese War and the Tsunamis that are prone in China thus most come as refugees. Considering California, the market thus, taken over by the Chinese who come as immigrants and then due to their hard work and marketing strategies they take the market by storm. Surprisingly, the Chinese settlers have taken effort and ran for offices without fear of racial discrimination; there sophistication has come with time (Starr 67).
The California legislator’s insistence that they should apologize for the treatment that the Chinese immigrants got from the Gold Rush era, many have gotten the encouragement to settle in America. The support that they get from the government is due to their hard work and determination thus able to adapt in America. The Chinese have been able to adapt because though there are high taxes on their commodities, they oblige to pay thus are able to hold jobs and own property while paying their taxes without questioning (Hembree 48).
On the passing of the Chinese resolution after the Gold Rush without any opposition, the Chinese have taken root in California and led to the development of many infrastructural structures which the white fail to do. This has led the Chinese to adapt to American way of life (McWilliams 45).
Since the Gold Rush era, the Chinese have been able to learn English thus conversing with the whites is much easier than during the Gold Rush era. Learning the culture of American has come much way to their adapting and changing to the American way of life since the Gold Rush era. Finally, the Chinese had been able to get citizenship in America thus living amicably than during the Gold Rush era when they had no citizenship rights (Cornford 45).
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