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Packaging - Essay Example

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The aspect of Community Engagement Activity is fundamentally described as an efficient procedure towards generating cordial relationship with several members belonging to the community that helps to attain the end objective of making the communities’ environment a better place…
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Extract of sample "Packaging"

Packaging The aspect of Community Engagement Activity is fundamentally described as an efficient procedure towards generating cordial relationship with several members belonging to the community that helps to attain the end objective of making the communities’ environment a better place to live in. The main feature of Community Engagement Activity is to engage oneself into the act of forming effective relationship with the community members (Redland City Council, 2006).
Furthermore, the other characteristic of Community Engagement Activity is that it is an interactive procedure which contributes greatly for the benefit of the community. It has been recognized that this particular activity i.e. Community Engagement Activity is very much effective for performing various works related to community due to its feature of interactive procedure and it is less costly to operate various significant functions (Gottlieb, 2006).
The paper broadly aims towards highlighting the activities conducted for a community engagement activity in relation to packaging for a bottled water organization i.e. New York Springs which is a United States based organization, execution of several actions along with the description of the feelings while performing the activity has been depicted. Moreover, the paper also includes strong concern towards various environmental issues and concerns and the broader necessity to perform these sorts of activities in future.
The Community Engagement Activity in relation to packaging is mainly undertaken with a bottled water organization i.e. New York Springs which is a business organization based in the US. While performing this particular activity, certain aspects were considered largely that generally relate to several environmental issues along with significant effects upon social responsibility. The vital aspects about which greater awareness was intended to be created include recycling, reducing and reusing components in relation to packaging. These important facets were emphasized largely while executing the Community Engagement Activity.
In this connection, the initial activity was performed to minimize the wastes that are generally produced while making the products of the bottled water organizations such as New York Springs. Apart from minimizing the wastes, the activity also comprised recycling or reusing the wastes that would eventually diminish the environmental issues along with posing adverse effects in the community by a considerable level. The main problem regarding the idea of packaging is that it is not biodegradable. Besides, along with the factor of biodegradability, the other decisive factor that causes harmful effect towards the environment and the human beings due to packaging is the release of various greenhouse gases while manufacturing the bottled water products.
While performing the activity, the important factors that were considered such as recyclability, reusage along with reduction greatly relate towards raising various environmental issues as well as poses significant impact upon the social responsibility. The ultimate objective from such an activity would be to minimize the wastes and the release of various harmful greenhouse gases by a certain level that might possess a greater concern towards the environment. Additionally, while performing this activity, a greater feeling of satisfaction was generated due to the invaluable contribution that it made towards fulfilling social as well as environmental responsibilities. It also encouraged a lot towards performing such actions in the near future.
Gottlieb, H. (2006). Introduction to community engagement. Retrieved from
Redland City Council. (2006). Community engagement strategy. Retrieved from Read More
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