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What is the relationship between social and economic development Do these imply democracy Use a case study to illustrate your argument - Essay Example

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In this paper I shall first discuss each of them differently and then show their relationship using the United States of America as a case study. I shall also discuss…
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What is the relationship between social and economic development Do these imply democracy Use a case study to illustrate your argument
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Extract of sample "What is the relationship between social and economic development Do these imply democracy Use a case study to illustrate your argument"

Download file to see previous pages Social development is driven by scientific, religious, cultural, economic, or technological forces. Social change can be observed in society relations, social institutions, nature, and the behavior of people. The need to cope with challenges is the prime motivator of social change or development. With enough resources and technology social development can happen very fast. Social development as early as the history of human beings, but in the last five centuries the rate has drastically increased. Improvements in social organizations have also helped in social change (Cleveland 1999, p. 4).
Science and technology are the major factors that are known to have contributed to a great extent towards social development. A few centuries ago the social status of many communities is in no way comparable to the current status. People used to be confined in a specific geographical location for long periods with minimal changes in their ways of living. Currently, people move all over the world, interacting with different people from different parts of the world. This has been made possible by the increased discoveries and innovations in the transport and communication industries. Though the internet, in has been made easier for people to access information about others thousands of kilometers from them. The internet is one of the most effective tools of social change. It has really changed the way of living of people especially the youth. People have changed their cultures slowly by slowly due to the effect of other people from different areas. Successful social development depends on factors such as stability of a government with a flexible system, availability of resources, and a community with a diverse social organization.
Religion as a factor of social development cannot be ignored in this study. It is through religion that many communities have developed. The activities of mainly ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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