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The author of the essay "Environmental Planning" accentuates that environmental planning involves decision making in the developmental process whereby special considerations are made regarding the natural environment, social, economic, and political factors while providing a proper framework…
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Environmental Planning
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Environmental planning activities are most pronounced in cities and urban places due to the fact that they are the regions most concentrated with development activities in addition to the large populations that reside in such places. In such a case, poor planning would lead to environmental damage; social, economic, and cultural exclusion; and strains on the transport system.
In the quest for enhancing sustainability is such places, planners should keep in mind that sustainable cities and urban places are an important factor in economic and social development which makes it the main engine of growth. They should also keep in mind that environmental degradation is the greatest obstacle to social equity and economic efficiency. The planners need to carefully study the components of federal or state regulations to understand the complex interactions between environment and development so that sustainability will be enhanced through a proactive management approach that is based on the understanding of these interactions. In this manner, all the future projects will be sustainable in terms of enhancing growth and development, which is supposed to be the main aim of any developmental project. Read More
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Environmental Planning Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 290 Words.
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