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Time mangement - Essay Example

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Once it has been used, we can no longer take it back, henc eis the cliche “we cannot turn back time”. Such, we have to make good use of it or make the most out of it. To make good use of time or make the most out…
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Time mangement
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Extract of sample "Time mangement"

Teacher Time Management Time, just like any expendable resources is very important. Once it has been used, we can no longer take it back, henc eis the cliche “we cannot turn back time”. Such, we have to make good use of it or make the most out of it. To make good use of time or make the most out of it, we have to manage our time carefully. Effective time management is important because managing our time properly will allow us to become more productive and achieve our goals.
But how do we manage our time effectively? One of the most effective method of managing our time is to set our goals and priorities. Goals and priorities can be said to be what we intend to achieve and what we have to do to achieve our goals.
In my case, I would be going to college which means that it would be the number one priority. College will prepare me for the future. But going to college will not be the only thing that I will do. I have other things to consider also to fully function as a person such as family, friends and recreation while not losing my sight of my goal of going to college. Hence, time management has to come in for me to plan and budget my time so that I will be able to attend to all of my obligations effectively.
Once in college, I have to set my priorities straight. Sunday night to weekdays will be dedicated solely to school. That means no partying during weekdays. A couple of hours or three for recreational sport is allowable for as long as there would be no major exams coming. Friday night is for partying and hanging out with friends. Saturday would be spent for my self or any major research that is needed for school. If there are no projects or major paper that needs to be written, Saturday would be a nice time to go out of town, play video games or just hang around with family and friends. Sunday would be exclusively for family. Activity can vary from watching movie or just having a plain good old barbeque picnic in our backyard.
During weekdays and in school, time has also to be effectively managed. It will not be enough just not to party during those time but more importantly, is for me to know what to do with my time. College is not just about attending classes. It also involves reading, going to the library, writing papers and spending some time with friends. After classes, it would be better to rest a couple of hours to refresh myself so I can study later. If there are no exams or heavy classess in the next day, spending a couple of hours in the gym or basketball court would be healthy and a pleasant diversion from academics. If there is still time left, it would be nice also to hang around with friends or make more friends. Friends are necessary in school not only to make studies more fun but friends would also serve as my network when I am already in the corporate or business world in the future.
When I have done all of these, I could safely conclude that I have made use of my time in college effectively. Read More
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Time Mangement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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