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While being easily identified as a form of authoritarian style of government, it can be easily distinguished for its core goals as a whole. Fascism focuses on…
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Fascism Fascism is a radical form of nationalism as well as a radical form of totalitarian political ideology and system. While being easily identified as a form of authoritarian style of government, it can be easily distinguished for its core goals as a whole. Fascism focuses on nationalistic ideals that place the highest value on the collective unity of people based on race and cultural heritage. While ordinary dictatorships seek to control the nation on the grounds of political power, Fascism seeks to control a nation for nationalistic ideals. Also, while the typical authoritarian political ideology is about maintaining the social class and economic status quo, Fascism was initially a revolutionary ideology and movement that wanted to change the status quo in favor of purification of the national race and cultural heritage.
This was apparent during the Second World War in the nations of Germany, Italy, and Spain. Fascism grew popular in these countries due to several factors. The world economy was undergoing the Great Depression and many nations were trying to maintain themselves from slipping into total economic downfall. This led to the mentioned nations to focus more on their own national development and forego foreign trade and free enterprise for a more nationalized and regulated economy. Another factor would be the result of the Treaty of Versailles after the First World War, which especially hurt the national pride of Germany. Germany was stripped of its military strength and its position in world affairs. This led to the rise of the Fascist Nazi party which wanted to restore the pride of Germany while forwarding the glory of the Aryan race. Most of the people in these countries were drawn to Fascist rule because it appealed to their sense of national pride and beliefs during a hard time. Fascist ideology inspired people because it made them believe that they can be strong as long as they are united as a race and group without the taint of outside or contrary political and cultural influences. Read More
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