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Are organizations likely to find better solutions to information overload through changes to their technical systems or their social systems -- or both Why - Case Study Example

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Pioneers of the modern world anticipated that, the modern world would find solution to most of its problems if it attains the state of free flow of information. Although free flow or availability of…
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Are organizations likely to find better solutions to information overload through changes to their technical systems or their social systems -- or both Why
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Extract of sample "Are organizations likely to find better solutions to information overload through changes to their technical systems or their social systems -- or both Why"

Download file to see previous pages Most of the media present it as a problem of the lucky members of the society who had have a chance to secure jobs or have access technology and communication systems. However, work has to continue and it is up to such people to separate useful information from redundant, outdated and uninteresting information (Liu, & Errey, 2006). Most of these organizations are concerned about the effects that information overload has on their employees. Changing both technical and social system within an organization is likely to yield the most sought after solution to information overload currently being experienced by different organizations. This essay will therefore analyze reasons why organizations require changing their social and technical systems to achieve a solution to information overload that currently affects them.
A solution is considered sufficient if it is complete and exact. Such solution will address all dimensions of the problem under consideration and provide sufficient measures to tackle the current and any consequential problem. The current information overload that organizations are complaining of is a result of human behaviors and the nature of current information systems. This indicates that both the social systems and information systems within an organization must be considered in order to develop an appropriate solution to the problem.
The aspect of social systems within an organization that is significant to the topic of information overload is the patterns of flow of information within the organization. Human beings are the main source of problems that affects them. The need to establish orderly flow of information has left organizations vulnerable to bureaucracy. This is the main factor that has contributed to information overload in most organizations. In some severe cases, two people working in the same office find themselves requiring ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Are Organizations Likely to Find Better Solutions to Information Case Study.
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