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Among all of the political leaders studied in class who do you think represent the true characteristics of a good leadership and why do you think the rest of t - Essay Example

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There are number of examples of Good Leadership around the world which contributed a lot toward progress of their country and for the betterment of their people. Amongst such personalities, the name of African Leader Dr. John Atta Mills is prominent who by virtue of his reforms…
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Extract of sample "Among all of the political leaders studied in class who do you think represent the true characteristics of a good leadership and why do you think the rest of t"

Download file to see previous pages A leader should have a clear vision in his mind about where he is standing right now and how far he has to go to pursue his dreams. He must have the quality to translate his vision into solid form. Without having a clear picture in his mind one cannot achieve the desired goal. Only vision is not sufficient to get the job done. The leader should form a team of experts who will deliver. The erstwhile chairman of General Electric Company has very rightly pointed out that "Good leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision and relentlessly drive it to completion."
The leader should be disciplined, hard working and has the burning desire to pursue his dreams. Action can be termed as the focal point of a leader. A good leader always puts in efforts in pursuance of his vision and influences others to do with the same zeal and enthusiasm.
A true leadership gives the credit where the credit is due. He takes the ownership of good or bad actions. He cannot be absolved himself from any failure. As a team leader, he passes on the bucket of fruits of success to his team mates and takes the blame of any of his follies.
He treats himself at par with other fellow citizens. He believes in that only good deeds can make them popular amongst the people. In this respect, we may quote here the name of Asian Leader, Mahatma Gandhi.
He should be good listener as far as the ideas of others are concerned. He has every right to accept the ideas or reject it but with cogent reasons. The openness policy surely opens the doors of mutual trust and respect between the leaders and the followers.  
A good leader should be clear in his statement in order to avoid any misunderstanding. He should be firm in achieving the desired results. According to survey conducted by the Americans Psychological Association, the most common weaknesses found in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Among All of the Political Leaders Studied in Class Who Do You Think Essay.
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