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Selling & Sales Management Best Practices - Assignment Example

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The aim of this report is to explore and analyse some best practices for sales and sales management, while taking into account this current climate of recession. It looks at how leading organizations are using some of this techniques and tools to succeed in this environment…
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Selling & Sales Management Best Practices
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Download file to see previous pages Customers have become more selective and look for high value in return of their money. This has increase the competition among different companies in order to capture the larger share of wallet of the customers. As a result there has been increasing pressure on the sales team of the organisation.
This current recession has increased pressure on organizations and sales teams to be successful. It is critical for organizations to carefully analyse and explore the situation and factors influencing the industry in which an organisation operates and methods used for analysing their internal and external environment in order to come up with victorious sales strategies and tactics.
Organisations need to carefully monitor and evaluate the overall industry and identify important trends or patterns. The exploration of the overall size and dynamics of the industry facilitate the organisation in the process of identifying different opportunities and threats and allow the organisation to understand the changing factors along with the important players of the industry.
In order to target the customers the companies can use the demographics and psychographics factors. Miller et al (2011), stresses that psychological factors are crucial to identify the special psychological needs and preferences of the target market.
It is important for organisations to monitor their competitors and seek to create a unique point of difference to give them that competitive advantage and differentiation from them. They need to be innovative to capture a larger market share and increase sales. Mitchell (xxxx) recommends creating a clear cut edge on their competitors on the basis of the effective and efficient customer relationship management with the help of the sales personnel and sales team. This can be seen at Louis Coupland, his company created a and unique selling point of difference, where sale phone is made after a sale to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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