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Abstract for technical report about biofules in aviation - Essay Example

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Essentially, they give a wide range of fuels that are used to produce energy for the aviation machinery. The use of bio-fuels has led to the world becoming less independent on fossil fuels that degrade the environment…
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Abstract for technical report about biofules in aviation
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Download file to see previous pages These emissions are relatively high and cause pollution that affects both the society and the technical growth in the aviation industry. This includes the destruction of the O-zone layer and clogging of the environment (Kemp, 2006).
The objectives are achieved through the use of bio-fuels to reduce pollution to the environment and reduce the costs of running the aviation industry. The methods used in the research included both primary and secondary data collection methods where the necessary data was gathered, recorded and analyzed.
The use of bio-fuels help in reduction of carbon IV oxide and other greenhouse gases discharged for the period of its use. This minimizes pollution to the environment. Furthermore, it reduces the costs of running freights in the aviation industry due to its cheaper production process as compared to fossil fuels (Kemp, 2006).
The subject of usage of bio-fuels in the aviation industry is a vital matter to everyone on the planet. Basically, it involves saving the environment from the gaseous hazards while reducing costs of running the industry by producing a cheaper source of energy for the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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