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Energy in Transport and Industry - Essay Example

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Industries and the transport sector consume the largest portion of energy generated across the world. The specific reports available to expose the regional variation clearly emphasize this aspect. The problem faced from huge energy dependance on the fossil fuels is the impacts generated by the climate change which is often attributed to the rise in the green house gases in the atmosphere released mostly by both the transport and industry sector…
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Energy in Transport and Industry
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Download file to see previous pages Availability of emission inventory prepared across different sectors for various types of energy option is one such initiative. In addition to this, developing appropriate policy instruments and frame works, development of advanced technologies having better emission characteristics and searching for alternate fuel options have also been given the needed attention for combating the climate change.
A huge inventory of emission characteristics have been released by United Kingdom considering the annual average of emission rate from different fuel modes like petrol, diesel, coal, L.P.G, aviation spirit, naphtha and other minor products. This shows the effect of various interventions and also the gaps available in the system that could be intervened to attain better results. Exploring the potential of Biofuels was an interesting attempt that couldn't achieve the expected results. The ethanol production from corn was found to be unsustainable considering the life cycle analysis form the corn cultivation to conversion to ethanol. The second-generation biofuel interventions expect to introduce advanced technological inputs and anticipates the cellulosic technology to deliver the required breakthrough. In addition, the change to be brought about in the light duty segment is another aspect that is considered to address the emission levels envisaged in 2050. The change in mobility levels and the corresponding influence of the fuel consumption rates besides the changes in emission level is also discussed here. The report discusses various parameters that are considered to be very important to achieve the emission targets set for the year 2050.

Among the major energy consumers the Industries and Transport tops the list and domestic sector is soon expected to catch the list. The transport sector is thus the largest consumer of petroleum products. The improvement in the environmental performance of the transport sector, with the objective of reducing the green house gas emissions, demands a drastic shift from the present day activities. It is estimated that prevailing lethargy in the reduction of green house emissions in the transport sector in comparison with the prevailing trends in the society is the prime reason for 50 percent reduction in projected targets during the first half of the last decade (EPA, 2009). Several instruments and interventions have been proposed by various countries and organizations towards achieving a positive shift in carbon-di-oxide emissions. The past and the present EU policies have emphasized on the improvements in the vehicle technology and also the quality of the fuel in their effort to lessen the pressure on the environment .
The growth in the mobility is directly linked to the economic growth observed across different regions. The Figure 1 shows the projected income anticipated across different time periods at different regions of the world (WBCSD, 2004). This growth is certainly translated into the economic progress that would reflect in the increased mobility need. The projections reflect the huge difference across the different regions primarily developed and developing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Energy in Transport and Industry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 Words)
Energy in Transport and Industry Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 Words.
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