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Anthropology of Violence and Reconstruction: Hotel Rwanda - Essay Example

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Many years later, the government had had to put al lot of effort to ensure that cohesion is cultivated. However, this cannot be easy without having to understand the…
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Anthropology of Violence and Reconstruction: Hotel Rwanda
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Extract of sample "Anthropology of Violence and Reconstruction: Hotel Rwanda"

Download file to see previous pages In the year 2004, under the director Terry George, a film was staged titled hotel Rwanda. The film was truly a representation of the events that took place in Rwanda. It was based on the real life story of a man who did all he could to save the few people that came to him for refuge. Having visited Rwanda, the writer, Keir Pearson, decided to write on the touching story of the genocide. The people surviving the massacre were able to account for the turn out of events, which were represented at most in the film.
The genocide took place in the year 1994, and took approximately 100 days (Laband 2006, p.1-7). The two conflicting communities, Hutu and Tutsi, faced with irreconcilable differences were involved in the genocide. The film explores the political factors leading to the genocide, the actual genocide and its related activities, and the consequences of the violence. It is based on a true life story of one man who was able to go through the genocide and accounts for the events. He has ever since released a book to narrate how the genocide happened in Rwanda
The story does not concentrate on the massacre as such, but concentrates on the hotel manager who saved the lives of many people in his capacity (George 2004). His very kind heart and ability to perform perfectly in his role helps save 1200 people caught up in the massacre. This paper gives the details of the film, with in depths of how it brings out the aspects of violence and reconstruction.
Rwanda is a country in central Africa that is endowed with great resources (OHalloran 2010, p.1-5). The colonial powers that ruled over the country many years before the violence were the primary cause of the violence. The Belgium used the colonial method of divide and rule. This was one way of ensuring that the Africans would not unite against them and defeat their colonialism.
Before colonization, Tutsi had controlled Rwanda by the monarchical ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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