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Hotel Rwanda: A Cruel Historical Event - Essay Example

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A writer of an essay "Hotel Rwanda: A Cruel Historical Event" discusses that the film does well to settle for a plot that exploits artistic features to develop themes that reflect the actual elements that fail the Rwandan people in a feud hat revolves around Hutu and Tutsi people…
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Hotel Rwanda: A Cruel Historical Event
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"Hotel Rwanda: A Cruel Historical Event"

Download file to see previous pages Terry George’s work is commendable, but the background and plot of the film do not give every primary fact one would want to hear about the Rwandan genocide. For an audience who would be up for a thorough breakdown of the facts of the genocide, secondary sources would be needed. Scenes of armed militia in green would tell of war, but the cast captured in modern times misses historical aspects that happened in 1964. In essence, the event began in April in 1964 and Hutu Power movement was the brain behind this act. The militia groups were commonly Hutu supremacists who pretty overwhelmed the Tutsi people. While the film sheds some light on mass killings and internal displacement of people, it seemingly fails to stress on how a large proportion of people was turned into refugees. The number of people on the run was so huge that it would overwhelm the UN. The genocide was as vicious as the militia was well organized to carry the act leading to large numbers of deaths and refugees. “Hotel Rwanda” is great documentation of an event in history that had a devastating outcome as hundreds of thousands of people lost their lives. The choice of this platform captures a massive audience as the film sheds some light on the moral elements that define the Rwandan society. It demonstrates that people of different values can co-exist peacefully as decent human beings.Though it accurately tells of the situation in artistic approach, the cast misses a few elements of the actual moment that happened in 1964. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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... heard of Rwanda, or the horrible massacres that occurred there. Paul took great personal risk to help the people that he hid away. He did not do it to support a majority, but defy it. Something inside him told him it was wrong and he acted upon it. Hotel Rwanda and the events it depicts are quite moving. Ultimately, regardless, of what philosophical label one could assign, there is one label that Paul Rosesabogina definitely deserves, that is hero. Works Cited McGill, Michelle. “ Ethical Theories: Consequentialism, Deontology, and Virtue Ethics." Suite 101. Suite 101, 11 August 2010. Web. 7 Feb 2013. . George , Terry, dir. Hotel Rwanda. Writ. Keir Pearson, and Terry George. 2004. Film. 7 Feb 2013. ... Due The Hotel...
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...Hotel Rwanda . The history of the world in the twentieth century is dotted with genocide. The massacre of the Tutsis by the Hutus in Rwanda in 1994 was one of the most reprehensible of them all, because the world turned a blind eye to it. The 2004 film Hotel Rwanda tells the true story of a deliberate massacre of the Tutsis, an ethnic minority of Rwanda , by the Hutus, and the efforts of one man to save the victims. .Set in Kigalu, the capital of Rwanda during April -May 1994, the movie shows the courage of Paul Rusesabagina, the manager of a luxury hotel, Hotel des Mille Collines, who...
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...Hotel Rwanda Hotel Rwanda The 2004 movie Hotel Rwanda is based on the real life events that led to the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, leaving over one million, mostly Tutsis, dead. While the gruesome massacres took place, Rwanda was on its own as the world, save for the United Nations Peacekeeping forces that stepped in later, looked away. However, though predominantly centered on the genocide, the movie’s theme and storyline are not on the massacres. The producers gave it an overwhelmingly ethical theme brought out by the characters of Paul Rusesabagina, who was a popular and influential manager in a prestigious hotel, and a United Nations peacekeeping forces representative (Marley 1). This paper will discuss ethics and morals... , which was a...
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