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Annie - Movie Review Example

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This paper is a review of musical Annie. This music is based on the comic strip called Little Orphan Annie. This music, since its time of creation, has been performed in many countries and theatres around the world. It was recently performed at Sarofin Hall in Hobby Center, Houston…
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Extract of sample "Annie"

Musical Annie
This music is based on the comic strip called Little Orphan Annie. This music, since its time of creation has been performed in many countries and theatres around the world. This musical was recently performed at Sarofin Hall in Hobby Center, Houston. I will give a review of this musical.
The plot of the musical is a simple one, comprising of two acts. We are introduced to the first act where a young girl called Annie is in the company of her mates Molly, Kate, Pepper, Tessie, July and Duffy at a girls’ orphanage. Molly has a bad nightmare but Annie comforts her when she wakes up. At this time, Annie is planning to escape from the orphanage. When she attempts to do this, she is not successful as she is stopped by the supervisor of the orphanage, Miss Hannigan. However, she would later escape when the laundry man came at the orphanage. When the laundry man, Mr. Bundles comes to the orphanage, he distracts Miss Hannigan. As they talk, the other girls hide young Annie in the blankets. Her freedom lasts a short time as she is caught by a policeman and id dully returned to the orphanage. Later in the scene, Grace Farrell, a millionaire, visits the orphanage and requests to take one orphan home to her mansion. She chose Annie as she was in Miss hannigan’s office at the time of her visit. She finds a new home and the new family embraces her. In the second scene, we are told more about Annie and her quest to get her parents. Warbucks is ready to pay a hefty sum to a couple that comes forward as Annie’s parents. When Miss Hannigan hears of this, she plans to have a pie of the money. A couple with the names Rooster and Lily come forward claiming to be the parents. They agree to give Miss Hannigan a sum of the money. However, this does not succeed as they are arrested.
The character’s emotional state in the play is portrayed as being volatile. She is extremely affected by not being with her family hence she has thoughts of escaping every time.
The main conflict in the story is between Miss Hannigan and the girls at the orphanage. The girls want freedom, and from how she is portrayed, she is a very unfriendly and harsh character with no motherly instincts. No wonder she is in quagmire with the girls every time. Her harshness is the trigger of Annie’s escape as she clearly wants a change of environment. Annie had to win the conflict since it would enable her to be in a happy family and it would enable her find her right family. At the end, she is the winner since Grace loves her and treats her well.
The characters in the play used various tonal variations and gestures in different situations so as to explain the message and to depict different situations. Most of the characters in the play employed their whole body when dramatizing different situations.
Another point that makes the play a good artistic piece is that all the characters on stage are comfortable on stage. Even though they are children, they are comfortable and do not show any nerves.
The cast interacted with the audience well which made the musical interesting. The characters also coordinated well which all resulted in passing the message of the musical.
The cast in the musical is passing the message of children and family unions. It is lambasting the mistreatment of orphans. Through Annie, they have been able to pass the message, and they have shown that through a good family, children are able to have a good life, Miss Hannigan has been used to typify strict and bad parents as she does not relate well with the orphans at her disposal. The audience responded well as a result of this.
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