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Response to globalization and the moral of The White Tiger - Book Report/Review Example

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The concept of globalization catches the fascination of every section of the society, the politicians, the economists, the manufacturers, man-power managers etc. Globalization is like riding the tiger. Adventurous, but if one does not know the art of dismounting, the journey may…
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Response to globalization and the moral of The White Tiger
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Download file to see previous pages story he treads a different path, narrates a seven days experience through his protagonist Balaram Halwai, who represents the poor and the exploited of India and the title given by the author to this area is Darkness. That an ordinary individual interacts with Wen Jiabao, Prime Minister of China, indicates how far the concept of globalization has impacted the thinking process of the common man. Balaram thinks, notwithstanding the stunning progress made by China, the Chinese leadership has to learn one or two important trade/manufacturing related concepts from India to accelerate their progress. Balaram’s rise in life is not through fair and proper channel. But he is not worried about it. Cut-throat competition is an important part of globalization and every country wants to steal the march over the other, no matter how that process is accomplished. What matters is success, not the fair or foul means! Adiga also dwells at length how the efforts of the poor to move from Darkness towards Light, under the umbrella of globalization, has contributed to the creation of a society that is morally dark. When sound business ethics and principles are sacrificed at the altar of economic prosperity, much negativity creeps in to the society and an individual becomes helpless to challenge them.
Through Balaram, Adiga highlights that the so-called benefits of globalization will not reach the oppressed classes if the present system of governance continues. He also highlights the pitfalls in democracy as it is practiced today. He visualizes disturbing trends in the present social order and the poor often take to rebellious posture. The murder committed by Balaram to break away from the bondage of poverty and other forms of oppression is one such example. It informs the custodians of the society about the latent seed of revolution that has begun to sprout. Once the poor realize what it is to be “free” in India, their own country, the resultant social consequences are going to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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