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Cer IV Assessment and Training - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Whether one is a specialist or a human resource generalist, he or she should impress training and assessment as a tool to achieving success in a company. For one to come up with a…
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Cer IV Assessment and Training
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Extract of sample "Cer IV Assessment and Training"

Download file to see previous pages This paper explores the applicability of assessment and training in education systems, as well as, in companies. The paper addresses key issues in a sequential manner set up as questions to training and assessment. The sequence is a shown below.
By having the roles and tasks of the routine used and work practices broken down to identify the particular skills that are necessary in enabling performance which would satisfy the required standards. After, this assessment of the performance is done. In this case, there is a continuous evaluation of an organization done in order to achieve the goals and objectives of the institution. When the performance happens to be below the expectations the situation is analyzed, and the course of the problem established. Then the interventions strategies that are appropriate are established for the organization.
The differences in the delivering of on-the-job training and one-to-one training are that in one-to-one training there is normally less distraction that makes the staff focus on the training where as on the job training there is always a likelihood of the training process to be disrupted by the demands of production (Hales17).
The evaluation sheets will not provide a convenient work-based training evaluation because the questions are not clear and are ambiguous, all information needed by participants is not given, therefore, leading to invalid responses, and questions are lengthy thus calling for complex answers. Therefore, the evaluation sheets would not be necessary in the collection of the information and cannot help the providers in the determination of the training program’s success.
This evaluation sheet is suitable for evaluation because it consists of qualitative questions. All information that is needed by the participants is provided there creating an open field for answering the questions (Hales 13). These questions are also clear and precise. The questions ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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