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While Don is a ‘well-established’ and outstanding film star and singer, Lina is barely managing to shine her singing talent, an issue that triggers Don’s reserved treatment towards Lina who is attracted…
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Summary about singin in the rain movie
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Summary about singing in the rain movie The movie revolves around two artists, Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont. While Don is a ‘well-established’ and outstanding film star and singer, Lina is barely managing to shine her singing talent, an issue that triggers Don’s reserved treatment towards Lina who is attracted to him to an extent of assuming that their stage show of romance is a real experience. Don, one day as he escapes from his fans, meets Kathy who drives him off. During the drive, Kathy boasts of being an actor and despises Dons artistic achievements. Later at a party where Don’s studio is making an unimpressive presentation, Don meets Kathy and realizes that she is just a chorus singer. To her embarrassment from Don’s reaction, she aims a pie at him but hits Lina instead. Don and Kathy however reconcile and fall in love. A subsequent presentation at the party is however successful and the producer decides to change the movie into a talkie whose production process is challenged with the worst experience being Lina’s voice. The production is then changed, upon success, into a musical with Kathy dubbing Lina’s voice. This annoys Lina and she determines to end the relationship between Don and Kathy as well as diminishing Kathy’s credit in the production. Following the success of the production, the audience calls on Lina to make a live performance. Don, his friend Cosmo and the producer decides to let Lina sing on stage while they project Kathy’s voice to the audience from the powered microphone behind a curtain. Don, Cosmo and the producer then reveals Kathy by opening a curtain, to Lina’s embarrassment forcing her to flee from the stage. When Kathy tries to run away, Don stops her, introduces her as the real star before the two sings, and they later appear kissing on a billboard advertisement of the ‘singing in the rain’ film with Don and Kathy as the stars (Donen and Kelly, 1997).
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Singing in the rain. Dir. Donen, Stanley and Kelly Gene. Hollywood. DVD. Read More
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Summary about Singin in the Rain Movie Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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