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Human Resources - Riordan Problem Solution Paper and Defense - Essay Example

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The failure of the company management to implement effective compensation methodology, adequate employee benefits and lack of appropriate…
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Human Resources - Riordan Problem Solution Paper and Defense
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Extract of sample "Human Resources - Riordan Problem Solution Paper and Defense"

Download file to see previous pages al analysis and discussion of the human resource management problems in Riordan Manufacturing with a view of proposing the most effective measures of solving the company’s human resource problems and thus enabling it to maintain its competitiveness within the market. The analysis of the current situation at Riordan including stakeholder dilemmas is presented within the paper. An end state vision is also given for the company with identification and analysis of its alternative solution. The paper further recommends the optimal solution and an evaluation of results.
Even though performance based compensation strategy may prove advantageous to an organization, there are other social and economic factors which affect the performance of employees which must be considered in compensation them (Dan, Alina and Oana, 2011)
Proper employee compensation will prevent loss of valuable employees to business competitors who could be offering higher salaries to their employees. As such adequate compensation plays the role of decreasing employee turnover in significant percentage (Johnson, 2012).
It is through redesigning the job structure and specifically defining the roles and obligations of all employees in work activities that the company would utilize the opportunity of implementing the most appropriate job design
Organizations are mandated to draft an appropriate job design which will enable employees to identify their job specifications, role and activities. This is because a poor job design leads to a situation where employees are made to perform tasks which they are not skilled or knowledgeable to perform and as a result killing their morale (Cınar, Bektas and Aslan, 2011)
After the analysis of the employee salaries through surveys buy the human resource management team, the results of the surveys must be implemented for an organization to be able to solve any crisis which affects its employees (Khan, Riaz and Rashid, 2011)
Riordan has registered declining sales ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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