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Problem-Solution of Global Warming - Research Paper Example

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The paper "Problem-Solution of Global Warming" states that carbon dioxide is the pertinent reason for increased famine, weather calamities, the world getting warmer and the unprecedented amount of rainfall. It has thus caused distress among human being and affected the health of the victims…
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Problem-Solution of Global Warming
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Download file to see previous pages More than a third of the US was affected by the drought that ended in late July. During this period, the country also suffered from destructive that demolished houses felled trees and brought down power infrastructure. The country also witnessed fires destroy over 700 homes in Colorado. However, the 2012 disasters are not the only ones, in the preceding year the U.S. had unprecedented fourteen unfavourable weather events that culminated to a loss of almost $50 billion and unaccounted health costs. In 2012, the country suffered 74 deaths as a result of extreme heat. Moreover, the mortality rate related to the hot climatic condition has been a trend for the past two decades. In 2011, the country lost 206 people an increase from 138 in 2010. National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration reported that death caused by increased heat has doubled as an average of 10 years from past years average. It is forecasted that global warming if not addressed will kill more than a hundred thousand America as a result of increased heat. The side effect of flood and storms do not comprise death and destruction of property only, but it includes contaminating drinking water resulting in the outbreak of communicable infectious diseases. Increased heat and air pollution make people suffer from respiratory problems. Furthermore, global warming effects have increased tropical storms. Florida experienced immersed flooding in 2012 and claimed about seven people. The flood also destroyed about 100 households and displaced thousands other while causing damages worth billions of dollars to homes, beaches and businesses. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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