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How do Reality TV shows like Geordie Shore construct Reality and why is this genre so popular - Essay Example

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This is due to various reasons and most importantly, it depends of the laws and regulations in the regions where the degree is commonly aired (Anderson, 2005). The rules for this…
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How do Reality TV shows like Geordie Shore construct Reality and why is this genre so popular
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Extract of sample "How do Reality TV shows like Geordie Shore construct Reality and why is this genre so popular"

Download file to see previous pages In the reality shows, so much about it is real and anyone who is watching it is able to see the real life of the person and not a real person portraying an imaginary person. The Shows are usually much cheaper for the whole crew and performers because most of the equipment used including dressing does not have to be produced by the owners of the shows (Faller, 2009). This is because mostly the housemates may use some of their own clothing and make ups, which is an advantage as it reduces the expenses. It is not so easy for many people to understand Reality shows and its names mean it is real yet there are few parts of the shows, which may portray a sense of fiction.
A show such as the Geordie Shore portrays real people in real life using their real names, unlike for instance, a show such as Big Brother where the setting could be called fiction because in real life, these group of people does not normally spend their times together, and whatever happens during their times together may not have happened if it was not for the purpose of the show being aired for people to view and get entertained. However, I would not hesitate to comment on how much this show is extremely entertaining. So much of the activities in the show are attention catchers hence, this reason could score the show more marks if it was to be compared with other shows.
The reality about a show such as Geordie shore is the fact that the people in it are using the real identity and leading a normal kind of life in their homes and wherever else they go, the feelings which develop between them in the process could be viewed as real among other things going on in the show. Expenses are also reduced due to the fact that the performers of the shows do not need to go and work in front of the cameras away from their home towns neither are they needed to go to holy wood for instance but all they have ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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