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Print and TV Media - Essay Example

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Everyone wants to be up-to-date with what is happening around the world. Everyone wants to be entertained. Everyone has the desire to be connected with ideas, with people, with the rest of the world. This is the lure of media, and the specific effects of two of its most popular forms-print and television.
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Print and TV Media
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Extract of sample "Print and TV Media"

Download file to see previous pages Television, or TV, literally means the unit that is used to receive broadcast signals from a network, and, in this case, refers to the actual use of TV-a means to get information on a regular basis. Shows on TV also vary in frequency, usually within minutes, hours, days, and weeks.
Take a regular newspaper, roll it, tuck it under your arm or toss it in your bag, and you can read it whenever you've got the time-unless you want to get the information right here, right now. Such is the essence of the newspaper; news and information delivered through the convenience of compiles sheets of paper that one can carry around, as well as the corresponding affordability. On top of that, the availability of space in its environment allows print journalists to write lengthy news and feature articles, giving the reader access to more information that can be referred to anytime.
The downside of it is the amount of time spent producing a single issue-a process that produces hundreds and thousands of copies-and how it measures against other sources. In this day and age, where everything can be accessed in one click, the speed afforded by print media is no longer up to par with the rest. This is particularly true for news-based publications, because this obstacle relegates them, by default, to last place in terms of relevance.
On the other hand, if relevance is the is...
A news anchor can be on air in seconds, and can announce breaking news even from remote locations via satellite right where and when it happens. Best of all, TV is visual-all the better to narrate in 30 seconds what a newspaper story will do with only words to rely on. Most people are inclined to TV than print, precisely because of this attribute.
But TV can only be TV, at least for the mass market, if one has an actual TV. Compared to the print production process, the broadcasting system is far more complicated, requires more people to run it, and necessitates equipment that can never be called cheap. Plus, unlike newspapers, one can never read back what has been reported-unless a replay is run.
III. Content is King, Distribution is Queen
What a reader or viewer gets from both TV and print is almost identical. The reason for this lies in the preferences of its targets-the regular reader and the frequent viewer-whose loyalty the two media are always after. This resulted in the creation, development, and innovation of the material each features, known as content.
News articles and breaking news. Coming from the same source, using the same methodology, but using different executions, these two form-specific materials naturally provides for the same need-that of knowing what is happening of significance at the moment.
Magazines and variety shows. These two forms are actually several parts joined together to produce a printed material, or an hour-long show. They aim to cover certain interests, and, with the objective of making things fresh and upbeat, rely on the novelty of each section or segment.
Dear Abby letters and drama programs. Many people are fond of emotional revelations, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Print and TV Media Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
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Mathew Fisher, the appellant, joined a band with Mr...
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No invention of science is all good or all bad, but the use totally depends on the user. Some watch TV as a source of their everyday knowledge while others watch for the sake of entertainment. Both uses hold a significant position in one’s life.
Scientists and specialists can definitely argue over the positive and negative influences of T...
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