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Activeion - - Case Study Example

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Unlike the traditional general purpose cleaning products, the Activeion products do not need to be disposed in to the waste stream. It helps the business to be green as the lonator has no…
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Activeion - Case Study
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Presented by (Your school) 18.4 Q1 Difference points to business users and households Activeion portable handheld cleaning and sensitizing devices are environmental friendly. Unlike the traditional general purpose cleaning products, the Activeion products do not need to be disposed in to the waste stream. It helps the business to be green as the lonator has no environmental implications. The products do not need to be produced, produced and transported. It’s a ready for use product for the domestic users.
The lonator is chemical free it only uses water. This is different from the general purpose chemicals which are hazardous to the employees. The lonator provides health and benefits to the staff of the business. Activeion has no side effects to domestic users and can be used in cleaning household goods.
The lonator is unique as it helps in energy saving. Both the business and the household are able to save energy hence energy costs. The traditional cleaning product lacks this.
Business users
Activeion cleaning tools target the schools as the products have no chemicals therefore its harmless to students and smaller children.
Activeion cleaning tools targets hotels as it is known to kill germs. Food customers are becoming more sensitive to chemicals used in hotels and other food kiosks; hence hotels are a better target for the products.
Hospitals are also a good market for activeion products as it helps to kill germs without the use of chemicals hence it is harmless to hospital staff as well as the patients.
The introduction of a version that sells almost a half the original price, means that Activeion targets the low income earners in the society who would total to 117 households.
Activeion also targets single families with small children as it has no side effects to the kids. Activeon also targets people with sensitivities since their products have no chemicals. They also target those with pets in their homes as their products are harmless to pets. This is according to their websites.
Business users
1. Point of difference is very favorable-5. The lonator has no chemicals unlike other products in the market.
2. Defined product -5. The product is well defined to the business.
3. Synergy- 4. The product fits well to the operations of the target markets like the hospital.
4. Execution of technological activies-5. The lonator does not require any complex technicality for it to be used by the business.
5. Quality of execution of actvities before actual development starts – 3. The business was still using other chemicals before the lonator came to the market.
6. Synergy with the marketing mix – 4. lonator fits well with the market
7. Quality of execution of marketing mix activities -5. Lonator fits well in the business market.
8. Market attractiveness-5. The market is large.
1. Differentiation – 5. The product is different from the rest of products in the market. It has no chemicals.
2. Defined product – 5. The introduction of the household product is a perfect definition of the product and its market.
3. Synergy – 5. The product fits well to the household market.
4. Execution of technological activities – 5. The lonator does not require any technical aspect. It’s simple to use for the household consumers.
5. Quality of execution of activities before actual development starts – 3. There were still other products in the market.
6. Synergy with market mix – 5. The lonator is easily acceptable by the households.
7. Quality execution of marketing mix activities – 5. The lonator has easily been adopted in the market.
8. Market attractiveness – 5. The market is big enough.( Kerin 2011)
The lonator for household use targets homes with small children, people with chemical sensitivities and those interested in creating a safer, healthier and more sustainable living space.
Activeion can make use of television, radios, newspapers and online advertising to reach the potential household customers.
“Lonator! The chemical free cleaning solution for all your household chores, it is easy to use as it only requires only water. Lonator is suitable for child washing, those with sensitivities and all your cleaning solutions. ‘Lonator ‘for only $ 177”
Activeion can market cosmetics with no chemicals; it can market eco friendly cosmetics e.g. herbal nourishers. The company can also market children wear since it is perceived to have friendly products this can be a niche market. Detergents can also make a good market for activeion.
Kerin, Hartley, and Rudelius Marketing The Core, 4th edition, 2011, Mcgraw hill. Read More
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