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NOL Card - Change Management Case - Research Paper Example

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RTA stands for “Roads & Transportation Authority” that is working for the purpose of carrying transportation projects and traffics standards and legislation in Dubai. As now…
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NOL Card - Change Management Case
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Extract of sample "NOL Card - Change Management Case"

Download file to see previous pages to work on their technology and infrastructure designed and facilities and for this cause working on roads, building, parking areas, buses, cars, taxi is highly important that needs to be taken care off. The government has given the responsibly to handle the working and operations of buses, roads, and parking areas to RTA. Not only this RTA is also responsible for the traffic signals, the rules and strategic planning of roads, buses, stations, etc in Dubai. NOL card is designed by RTA for using different modes of travelling and parking areas that are designed by RTA. RTA is consistently working to provide ease of travelling to their citizenship and to the people that travels and visits Dubai. For this cause, they have introduced different types of NOL card according to the need and preferences of the travelers. Not only this, but RTA has also introduced the Smart card that is more easy and reliable in use than other card and now RTA has also made agreements with the grocery markets and other stores and shopping outlets to use the NOL card for purchasing grocery items and others hopping items thus making the lives of their citizen’s more easy and comfortable.
Road Transport Authority (RTA) was formed in November 2005 with the main responsibility of coming up with policies and strategies of transforming the transport system of Dubai. In an effort to achieve its objective RTA introduced the use of NOL cards in public transport system. This is a modern technology that uses a smart card to pay for public transport. These smart cards are of four types including red, silver, gold, and blue with each category tailor-made to fit certain category of clientele. The use of NOL card was recognized by the government as an important tool to modernize the transport sector to match international standards. This analysis used transformational part of Bruke-Litwin causal model of organization performance and change in order to identify the key elements that derived the need for ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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