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I believe that our group can gain better understanding of working effectively with groups and communities, by gaining knowledge about the generalist social work practice. We can work effectively by implementing these approaches (Landon and Feit):
8. Enabling ourselves to…
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Working effectively with a community agency
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Working Effectively with a Community Agency I believe that our group can gain better understanding of working effectively with groups and communities, by gaining knowledge about the generalist social work practice. We can work effectively by implementing these approaches (Landon and Feit):
1. Interacting with clients at all levels and connecting them to all available resources.
2. Devising ways to improve the responsiveness of resources to clients.
3. Comprehensively assessing the problematic situation, leading to intervention and solution of the problems of clients.
4. Implementing fair social policies to guarantee equitable distribution of resources.
5. Researching all facets of social work practice.
6. Applying critical thinking skills to the planned change approach.
7. Working ethically. It is important to follow all ethical guidelines in the work roles assigned to us, and to reflect understanding and compliance.
8. Enabling ourselves to communicate effectively in the community agency. Developing, reviewing, and revising personal skills in communication to address work role requirements, is an important measure of getting hold of people in the agency. Skills are also needed to resolve conflict arising from cultural and interpersonal differences with other community members.
9. Developing knowledge of importance of interpersonal relationships in different sectors of service delivery setting.
10. Showing respect to workers from different sectors and levels working within the community agency.
11. Demonstrating consideration, understanding, commitment, and devotion to our work in the agency. This will make other people acknowledging our personal skills, and it will become easier for us to get hold of them to help us out in different problems.
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