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Summarize a reading related to issues of human diversity in working with individuals of minority status - Assignment Example

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(2009). Diversity in organizations: Where are we now and where are we going? Human Resource Management Review, 19, pp. 117-113. Retrieved September 16, 2012, from…
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Summarize a reading related to issues of human diversity in working with individuals of minority status
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Extract of sample "Summarize a reading related to issues of human diversity in working with individuals of minority status"

Download file to see previous pages Hence, the topic is very vast, and gives extensive information regarding the importance of human diversity in organizations.
As is obvious from the title of the research article, it is important to understand where we stand now in terms of human diversity, and what we are doing to promote diversity and reduce all sorts of discrimination against minorities at the workplaces. The authors have stated that previous researches focused on only one or the other type of discrimination; while, this research puts forward a more diverse model of human diversity, giving the reader a more exact idea on how we can promote the idea of human diversity in organization. The research also goes in detail of the outcomes of human diversity. Thus, the reader gets to know the importance of the topic in terms of pros and cons.
Although there are no definite research questions or hypothesis that is to be tested, still we can say that the research focuses on queries, such as, what past literature is available, explaining different dimensions of diversity in organizations; and, does past literature tells the reader about the limitations and strengths of each dimension. Hence, the focus is on reviewing past literature, and providing suggestions to improve the research.
2.1. Race and ethnic diversity. The authors start with race and ethnic diversity. They state how humans judge each other on the basis of race and ethnic backgrounds. They have also cited much literature, all of which agrees that racial and ethnic discrimination against minorities results in negative effects on social integration and communication, thus, increasing organizational conflict.
2.2. Gender diversity. It is another dimension of human diversity. The authors state that gender diversity is important, but at the same time, it is important for the organizations to eliminate gender discrimination. Women are more at risk of gender discrimination at ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Summarize a Reading Related to Issues of Human Diversity in Working Assignment.
“Summarize a Reading Related to Issues of Human Diversity in Working Assignment”, n.d.
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