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Surveillance technology - Essay Example

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As activities of random violence increase, the sphere of freedom is contracting regardless is whether an office, home, a retail store, or a public…
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Surveillance technology
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Extract of sample "Surveillance technology"

Download file to see previous pages That respect warrants this essay a critical outlook into the evolution, merits, and demerits of spy cameras as type of surveillance technology. Additionally, this paper will also seek to give a recommendation on the way future of this subject.
The evolution of spy cameras and its incorporated technologies is an important topic that examines the state of surveillance technology and its impacts on the modern society. The tumultuous history of technologies associated with spy cameras has its origin rooted in the 16th century and stretches all the way to the present generation whereby it shifted from facto disciplinary practice to a real time practice revolving around security and conveniences it offers to its participants. Spy cameras evolved in three basic stages namely, daguerreotype, film, and digital photographic spy cameras. Daguerreotype was a truly successful stage of spy cameras since photographers used copper plates coated with iodine whereby it used this combination to produce silver iodide upon sensing light. Daguerreotype photography entered the United States during the time of Civil War whereby technical fighters used it as an investigative tool. (Heir and Greenberg, 2007:217).
Even though the Federal Bureau of investigation did not exist during the time of President Lincoln, documented evidence shows that, security officers used daguerreotype as a form of surveillance technology in crime scene investigation. With spy cameras came in telephone calls which aided in taking surveillance technology into the following stage. Surveillance technology shows, the introduction of telephone accounts for a big margin in this subject as it led to wire-tapping where one could listen to a telephone conversation between other people. Year 1945 witnessed a major shift as wire and tape recorders became available (Tavani, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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