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An Ethical and Moral Decision to Share Information - Case Study Example

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The paper 'An Ethical and Moral Decision to Share Information' presents human experience and technology which increases, the overall application that ethics and morality have in helping to define the interaction between individuals and their environment takes on an entirely new role…
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An Ethical and Moral Decision to Share Information
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Extract of sample "An Ethical and Moral Decision to Share Information"

Download file to see previous pages As a function of engaging with such an understanding, the following analysis will focus specifically on moral and ethical concerns relating to information sharing and the impacts that these have on human privacy. Furthermore, the analysis will also engage with the questions of when it is an ethical and moral decision to share information/knowledge and what types of knowledge/information should be included. Further, the question of why privacy should be valued and what is at stake will also be engaged. Additionally, advancements in technology will be discussed with reference to the abilities of surveillance and “sousveillance”; as well as identification of these terms. Finally, a discussion of social media use and the degree and extent to which online privacy exists within this particular format will be engaged. It is the hope of this particular analysis that such a level of discussion and understanding will provide a unique level of insight with respect to surveillance and privacy that exists within the current dynamic; as well as relevant ethical and moral concerns that can be related to these determinants.
Firstly, with regard to the question of whether or not it is a moral or ethical responsibility to share knowledge/information, the answer to this question is understandably nuanced. For instance, it can and should be understood that sharing knowledge and information is integrally related to the process of human education and growth. As such, a brief review of history denotes the fact that the degree and extent to which information/knowledge has been shared has a direct correlation to the growth potential and development that different people groups have experienced. However, by much the same token, an individual could reasonably argue that there is no moral or ethical dictum that demands an individual should focus their efforts on sharing and spreading knowledge/information. The underlying logic behind this particular point of view is that knowledge and information are ultimately human-derived resources that can and should be used to promote personal gain and development. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(An Ethical and Moral Decision to Share Information Case Study, n.d.)
An Ethical and Moral Decision to Share Information Case Study.
(An Ethical and Moral Decision to Share Information Case Study)
An Ethical and Moral Decision to Share Information Case Study.
“An Ethical and Moral Decision to Share Information Case Study”.
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