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Subject: Consumer cultures and environmental futures, case study speech presentation: PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION - Essay Example

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Despite the conventional talk regarding the exclusion of consumption from the general analysis of consumption-production matrix, it is much more important to realize that consumption is basically a very diverse field that requires much analysis. Indeed, the aspects of…
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Subject: Consumer cultures and environmental futures, case study speech presentation: PRODUCTION AND CONSUMPTION
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Download file to see previous pages Such analysis contravenes the dichotomous consideration that is normally a factor of concern in the analysis of consumption and production.
However, conventional practice requires that in studying consumption, the aspect of production should be a very important parameter in consideration. This arises out of the fact that consumption and production are much related issues that should go hand in hand. The study of production normally revolves around the basic macroeconomic issues that define the production process while consumption is viewed as a factor mostly determined by cultural orientations (Aldridge 45). In that regard, it creates the need to find the important link that exists between these two aspects of human life and demonstrate their relationship and influence on one another.
It is much important to realize the manner in which humanity has transformed the process of looking for food to feed the ever increasing need for consumption. In this regard, things that were previously considered non-food have gradually been adopted as food or transformed into food for human consumption. The development of organic foods is one such example that clearly elucidates the human need to increase the amount of food in the world. Much of this advance is also realized in the manner radical shifts have been realized in the types of foods consumed across the world. The development of agri-food studies has created solutions towards much of this challenge.
A kind of structural ambivalence seems to emerge in the daily concept of food usage in the present world. Indeed, in this regard, people are most encouraged to perceive foods as mere cultural artifacts and should therefore review their food purchases in a way that seeks to demystify the hidden stories behind the origins of most foods and commodities often sold (Cook et al 162-7). Humanity is confronted with a series of this ambivalence that arises on daily basis in the process of food ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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